6505+ head questions for the peavey guru's


Hamster Style
Jun 19, 2005
bought a used 6505+ head and love this thing. compared to the 5150 i used to have this thing is much beastier.

for those on the board who are 6505+ experts I have but 3 questions.

#1. The power tubes are RUBY 6L6GCM-STR and the preamp tubes are a mixture of SOVTEK 12AX7LPS and EH. Are those "stock" tubes are far was what peavey would typically use? Per serial num, head was made in 2005. Also, when looking at the BACK of the head does is go left to right V1 to V6?

#2. The effects loop on this amp.. I have a G Major and already set it to CONSUMER but the loops just sounds.. fubar. Normal?

#3. the MID knob on the lead channel. If I turn it ALL the way down the amp gets LOUDER. It's strange. Normal behavior? I dont think anything is wrong with the amp, just curious if other people who own the amp have this happen on theirs?

Thank u in advance.. im running this into an oversized boogie recto slant cab with V30 and with pre on 4 and the eq dialed it is the perfect brutal tone. YOWZA!!
OK found what I needed as far as the preamp tube locations and functions.

5150 II/6505+

If you look at the rear of the amp, the preamp tubes are again on the right side.
Looking from right to left, the tubes are arranged as follows:
#1 (far right) the rhythm channel
#2 is shared by the rhythm and lead channel (input stage)
#3 and 4- lead channel
#5 effects loop driver
#6 phase splitter

Curious about others who own this amp and the MID knob. I get a dramatic volume boost when that mid is ALL the way down.

The FX loop with the G Major adds some wicked hiss... NS-2 helps a bit, but it's way hissy with that loop engaged. Normal behaviour?