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Feb 11, 2007
Frisco, CA
NOOBIE 7 string questions:

It seems a lot of our songs are ending up being in Drop D, standard E, and standard B tunings. I would like to sell a 6 string to fund a 7 string...never played a 7 string but from what im gathering a 7 string is the right avenue to go to have an all in one. Am I right..a guitar that can do B tunings, E tunings (6th string), and Drop D with a few adjustments without switching strings, intonation, etc.?
A 7 string guitar is normally tuned to B or Bb, and if you play songs in the key of E like on most 6 string guitars, its easiest to just forget about the 7th string and play it like you'd be riffing on the A string of a regular guitar.

I've played gigs and situations where I've dropped the E string to a D and still ignored the B string and it's been fine.
I had the same thoughts before I bought a 7 string. Doesn't really stand up to that at all. 7 strings are fine but I've noticed that especially with a lot of the drop D riffs that it needs to be drop D and not a barr chord on the low B.

Get a 7 string because you want the extra range (fatter neck) and tonal palette not because it could be an all in one guitar.
Get a 7 string because you want the extra range (fatter neck) and tonal palette not because it could be an all in one guitar.

I disagree completely, it may take a little getting used to, but this is the perfect solution for the OP to be able use those 3 different tunings on one guitar, with minimal messing about.
i remembered covering LOG's songs back then with my 7 strings RG Series. Some young guitarists saw me and thought that i was playing the songs totally with the standard 7 string tuning. In fact i only dropping the low E to D.... lol~
hmm.. why not get a baritone guitar instead?

Not gonna do the job if he needs one guitar to switch between B standard, E standard and drop D.
What string gauges and intonation settings that work with E standard do not work with B standard.
I use my 7 string, for exactly what the OP is talking about, but in addition drop A as well, so 4 different tunings essentially.
If money was more available, I'd have 3 different 7 strings, each set up with optimal string gauges for each tuning, but since I lack the money to do so, I have to compromise.
If I want to play E standard stuff on my 7 string, easy, it's there. If I want to play drop D, it's doable.
If I want to play B Standard, it's there, if I want drop A, yeah the low B string is a little floppy, but it's very workable.
I should also mention the Ibanez RG 7421 is a fixed bridge guitar, which helps.

BTW, what guitars are you looking at?