A game of poetry.....


Jun 1, 2001
We got everything else on this board, from music, to politics, to science and philosophy, so i figure we should get a poetry thread going too.

So here are the rules: I write down a poem, provide a set of words- any set of words- up to six, and then you write an original poem on any topic you wish, of any length, using the words provided by the poet/poetess before you.

(argghh, I must now write a poem on pain of having major writer's block, and being the first ever to post a "poem")

my poem

I took your wishes
and tossed them high
hoping to reach several
constellations whose names
I've never known,
and I mistook the chirps of a
few lonely crickets for riffs,
and I lost my age in a circle.
Various cds are spinning,
their titles blurred in an oblivion.
I wanted to discern and remember,
for the sake of finding at least
one thing I might find familiar,
a trace of what I might call my own.
Catching text I saw in the blur,
it read "Opeth"
I thought how in the same manner
this blue Earth is spinning,
the same noises, all the sighs
and weighty clamor
I have found distorted in
this pink flower-speckled cd.
I lost myself breathing.

words: refresh, home, search, favorites, history (hehe, I told you i had writer's block!!!!!!)

The real purpose of this "game" is simple: writing is therapeutic. Here's your chance to relax and express yourself while on this cool board.

Caught me on a bad night.. sorry.

My poetry tends to be in a broken, more lyrical (Bad, IMO) style.

gazing skyward
skyclad souls
scraping slick hillsides
bloodied nails
running, climbing
scampering from home
always an eye
to the peripheral
retinal flashes of
a life's history
better forgotten
but loved all the same

ashen skin
gasping for release
neither denied
nor implied
still they search
and hunt and gather
to refresh
the pitcher of essence
essential, essentially
necessary to continue
to forage on

all that's asked
is to forgive
not to play favourites
but love nevertheless

admire forgive love forgive cherish forever


5 words for the next poet are: enough, answer, calm, fronds, lead (the metal or the verb)

He leads his army through the fog
they have had enough of the long hard war
the calm cool air makes the fronds sway at their feet
shots fire as an answer to previous ones
everyone dies and goes to hell

5 words - hell..... 69..... wierd.... obesity.... sorceress
(dammit only two responses. I know the poem I dished out for the sake of this thread was god awful, but still ;))

hell 69 obesity weird soceress

Earthly sorceress enchanting,
Obesity ranting its raves.
Weird things happen all the time.
69 in my head, written in blood
and honey across the walls,
I paused to decipher its meaning.

Enigmatic sorceress
of blue and red,
who I thought ruled my life,
moved my pity to an obesity
that made me unhealthy.
Time is a weird hell,
a condemnation the
existentialists have labeled
and about 68 other things.

words: doomed, recurrence, arrows, shot, nowhere.
Well, it looks like a love poem, but read it to the end ;)
I wrote the stanzas in this order: 4,1,2,3

The Sun's rays had seemed like Cupid's arrows,
And we danced under the midsummer rain.
Come autumn we bid farewell the sparrows,
And then left the meadow, where we had lain.

Ten moons later we returned once again.
Lovemaking; recurrence of love divine.
I lost myself in her embrace, and then,
Got drunk on her kisses, of sweetest wine.

We begged time to stop, cursed the passing days.
Went nowhere, and to others we were blind.
But we had been heard: by a freaky grace,
Time stopped for her, while I was left behind.

Doomed was the lamentation in her sighs.
Like a falling star, she was shot from the sky.
Dead was the echo of her lustful cries.
Extinguished embers, silence in her eye.

5 words for the next poet: dead, moor, pillar, strong, chill
dead, moor, pillar, strong, chill


my ethic fell dead,
pillars collapsed and
sank upon the moor,
strong world, hardest lands.
I froze chill for a second,
I thought I loved you.

nothing lies buried,
decency found what hybernation
in the moor I played upon,
so, cold, so, chill, so strong.
dead pillars of an ancient history
that I relied upon,
so, strong, so, cold, so silent.
I lost you to the vast world,
and we broke up,
that day.

words: retribution, institution, soft, forever, amiss
retribution, institution, soft, forever, amiss

Their constant retributions to the church seemed uselss
It's like an institution for the weak
They can't go on without a silly belief
To think that this will last forever sickens me
This organization cannot repair what is amiss within myself
I will throw soft pillows at them
And they will contain many bombs and blow them up


- Ducks..... wood.... witch..... floating..... burn
lol, nice poem mikael is God,

I really liked these lines:

"This organization cannot repair what is amiss within myself
I will throw soft pillows at them
And they will contain many bombs and blow them up "

That was beautiful.

I really loved all the poems so far.

There is a vast difference in style for each of us, which I think is really cool. Duvall's is interesting and stylish, Johan's poetry is very crafty and pretty, Mikael's is classical narrative. I might imitate these styles in future poems, or so..... but it's really cool the motley of styles and poetry we got going here. Thank You.
Mine is also with a recurring beat and rhyming ;)

I discovered that sticking to a beat and rhyme scheme in a poem does a lot of good, and it's worth the extra work usually.
Originally posted by Johan
Mine is also with a recurring beat and rhyming ;)

I discovered that sticking to a beat and rhyme scheme in a poem does a lot of good, and it's worth the extra work usually.

You don't have to brag!:p

By the way, why did you change the order of your poem. This is just me speaking but I may have liked it better in the 4123 order but you wrote it, so.....

I find rhyming takes too much work. for me at least my "poems" come off insincere that way. There are very few established and published poets these days who take care to rhyme any more, at least not exclusively, some kind of "ism" at work. Anyway, I really liked your poem too, it's was very pretty.

I hope other people contribute soon....
Sorry, didn't mean to brag ;) Well maybe a little ;)
But if it helps others to develop their own poetry... :)

Anyway, I wrote 4 and 1, and I felt like it made a nice "story" if I brought it from the happiness of 1 to the dead stillness of 4. And I like poems with melancholic endings ;)

And thanks for the kind words, I liked your latest one here best :)
OK! Enough chatter...someone do another! :D Poetry is something I've always admired from afar. I've never taken part in it. So, more more more! lol I'd love to read more.

I don't know what you call the different styles here, but I like the shorter...um verses...:confused: compared to the...classic rhyming type...?? Do you have any idea what I'm trying to say here.

Thing is I take rather long writing my poetry, and I don't have so much time now since I am going away on a vacation soon. So I will leave it to someone else :)
- Ducks..... wood.... witch..... floating..... burn

I'll take a shot.
Please disregard Johan's below message as I failed in understanding the original rules.

When That Day Comes
Say goodbye, say goodbye
the spindle of time weaves fast
the fabric ducks my reality, evades
and forms over days
blanketing our lives with destiny

See the empty wood halls,
my mind
these witches of the past will haunt
I am left to myself all alone
floating in bliss

I want you to go on
I don't want you to be with me anymore
because time has taken its toll
leave me stranded, maroon me.

This want goes on
never afraid to burn out
I didn't know that would be
the last time you'd see me

Sun is going down
the last time
upon the field we once struggled on
from battlefield to sanctuary
the seperate peace is born

You never really knew your effect on me
even when I told you
the rejection stands firm, beautiful as ever
together apart, throat on my heart.

The sun sets, it weeps
from one end to the other
I still alive, find
life flows on without you.

5 words... weeps, peace, throat, last, seperate.

Sorry for messing up the first time.
Thanks for listening.
Raven, the idea was to use the 5 words submitted by the last poet and write a new poem using them.

Oh well

Anticipate a focused state
Melding of love and hate
Light and dark fuse to form
Permanance as yet unborn.

I don't expect this to make much sense to very many people, but I thought I'd throw it in there anyway for something to do.

hail satan! :)

I think it makes sense :)
Well written!

I think we're totally out of the writing from the 5 words given to us though :)
Hmm.. in disregarding the 5 words thing (again), I felt the need to share this one, which I have never let anyone read except the girl who I wrote it for. It's a little more comprehensible at least but like the last one is really about bluring the distinction between self and environment (I'm a freak)...


Dew drop on a petal's morn
Proudly thriving from the earth
From it's life death is born
Recanting from its own birth

Faithfully it fills the gaps
Left by intermittent rain
Spawned of time's eternal lapse
Retreating back from where it came

My lover like a petal smooth
Myself as if the petal's dew
Between the rains I will sooth
As I become one with you.

with much love/logic,

Beautiful love poem, and well written.
Too bad about the half rhyme, but let's not be picky!
I find love to be a great inspiration too...