a Katagory V tee shirt story

Mar 3, 2010
Drumheller, Ab.
So, a few days back I took a walk with my daughters and we ended up at the local Dairy Queen. As it was a rather warm evening, there was quite a few people in line.

It got to be our time to order and then receive our ice cream cones when as we were getting ready to leave I heard the voice of an elderly lady behind me say "Excuse me", as which I turned around right away thinking either my young girls or myself dropped something. She then asked if I minded stopping for a second so she could continue to read the words on the back of my Hymns Of Dissension shirt that I was wearing. I said sure, and then thirty or so seconds she finished, muttered "Interesting" and with a smile thanked me.

I just thought that it was a bit odd for what appeared to be an 80+ year old lady to be reading the back of a metal shirt.
I wonder if she thought it was something related to religion? Or maybe she just wanted to read your shirt. :D

Either way, neat! The last time an old lady stopped me about my shirt it was to tell me I was going to hell because she thought my RENT (the musical) t-shirt said "for rent." She thought I was trying to sell my body. :eek:
"for rent." She thought I was trying to sell my body. :eek:

Nice, I would have like to have seen that! I bet it was halarious.:lol:

Ken: Thanks for sporting the tee shirt! It always helps to have loyal fans to spread the word to bring the 80+ year old closet fans out into the open.
By the way, I also have a funny tee shirt story.........I was wearing my Rising Anger shirt one day. The wife and I were loading our (3) kids into the car to head out for the day. I was straping in my 3 year old son into his car seat, and as I was leaning over to snap the buckles. My son says: "Dad, I love that girl." and I said, really? Why's that?!? He said "She has boobies!!" I about died! It was really funny! Secretly I was thinking....That's my boy!
Nice stories, guys!

I don't know why, Ken, but some folks are just curious like that. Of course, it only helps to get the name out there. As for you, Bizzaro, I like to see that you're steering the lad in the right direction. I'll have to give the boy a high-five when I see him next time!

Stay metal. Never rust.
My T-shirt story:

A couple of years back, I attended a christmas party thrown by the members of a local band called "The Street". We did the whole "white elephant gift" thing, so I wrapped up a Rising Anger shirt and also threw in a couple of condoms I had laying around, because if you wear a Kat V shirt; you will get laid... however, I have no control over who you get laid by. Hence the condoms.
Nice dude! Seriously.......Nice! Unfortunatley for the one getting the shirt...most of our fans are guys. So....good idea on the condoms:eek:
Part 2 - Tonight my oldest daughter and wife and I went to Wal Mart so I could pick up the latest Stargate Universe dvd which I knew was on sale. I was wearing my "The Rising Anger" shirt. Remember I live in a small town of 8000, when I was in the electronics center I heard this guy behind me say "Salt Lake City Metal". I turn around and this guy around 30 who I have never seen before says he had never seen a Kat 5 shirt ever. Tells me he is passing through our small town and loves underground metal. Probably never ever going to see the guy again, but thought it was cool.

Man, I sure have had a couple of weird experiences with my KV shirts these last few months.
That first T-shirt story was pretty interesting, but this second one actually blew my mind!

…the fact that someone else in your area (native or not), in a small community in Canada no less, noticed your shirt and actually KNEW who we were? I'm absolutely floored!!! Why this surprises me is due to the fact that even people/metal fans in our own hometown of Salt Lake City STILL have never heard of us, even after being around for over a decade and playing the circuit here!

Thanks for sharing Ken, that it just freakin' killer! :worship::worship::worship:
I am also floored. Most people don't know who we are. I was shocked to see a guy wearing a Symphony X shirt at Costco. I might have shit myself if it had been a Kat 5 shirt, even here in utah where there may be a 1 and a million chance of seeing one!:hotjump:
You know, I've worn my Katagory V shirt a handful of times now, and outside of my friends giving me guff about wearing my own band's shirt, I've never gotten a single comment! Boys, I think it's time we get some "northern exposure!"

Stay metal. Never rust.