About Dance Of December Souls


dead soul
Jun 27, 2002
The album is named "Dance of December Souls", right? So says the front cover and the back cover. Also one track is titled "Dancing December". BUT... Look at the inlay's sides. On both, the album is called "Dance Of Decembre Souls". It's from 1993 from "No Fashion Records" with number "NFR 005". I don't think it's a re-release, because there is nowhere a newer date mentioned. So is this "Decembre" a print mistake, or is this ment to be? Anyone else noticed that?

I don't want to start another thread, so...:
Is "Without God" on Jhva Elohim Meth the same version as the one on DOCS?
No Fashion recs fuck-up.

"Without God" on Jhva is a different recording. Lord Seth doesn't sing "fuck" in it, it has a few tempo differences and a different production, but generally it's the same song.