About the storage areas?


Apr 26, 2001
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So.......where are you keeping all the material nowadays. I read that Eddie changed his e-mail address.....does his Myplay account work yet.
And there is some mysterious Medsy's account too?....

And btw. If you have any projects to do I'm always in for some...i've just been too busy to check frequently so I don't really know what you are up to.

Any news concerning Killers, Infinite Dreams, Clansman, Futureal and Stranger in a Strangeland....I haven't heard any versions of them yet.
Maidenman's myplay is really all we have. Much is going via email for specific requests right now. We are hurting on the space part.

Crossy posted a killers karaoke up there. That is finally done...and sounding good.

Infinite dreams karaoke has been done. Dunno if its up there or not. Ask medsy for it if not.

Futureal bass is being worked on by stormbringer. He says he will have it done soon. I will hammer the guitar out right after.

Clansman is waiting on Virus (who has not been around awhile)..and some re-record by constantine.

There is no work being done on stranger..

There are no needed drum tracks right now....i think
Well...as I have now two full scale drum sets (one at the band training place and one in my place) i can easily record some new ones.
Just name some.....I guess there were not enough enthusiasm for recording some Queen music, eh?...although some guys did turn up....maybe i just put another thread concerning this thingie.

btw....could some one help me with a little compo problem?..

It's my n-track....I can't fucking start it anymore...I have tried and tried and un-installed and installed new versions, but whenever I try to start the lot...it keeps telling me about that notorious "illegal operation"...I know that I only have a trial period but I had N-track for years and the problem never hit me like this.

Could it be, that I should crack the proggie somehow in order to get it functioning properly?.....someone posted me a crack program.....year ago....but I don't have it anymore....GUYS....??:rolleyes:
'Illegal Operations' is next to impossible to troubleshoot.

If you have installed and uninstalling, the crack will do you no good. Something change on yoru machine (other than N-track)? N-track obviously either a. does not like summing running resident on you machines memory, or b. does not like one of the system files (.dlls, etc) its trying to use during launch.
If its not a conflict with hardware drivers...yea..that would do it. More likely you uninstalled it badly..or some other program overwrote some of the files it needs with an incompatible version. Do you have other mixing software that you installed after N-track?

..try uninstalling the program and hunting through the registry to make sure everything was removed properly.