Back from the beach....

Hi all! :)

Well, we're back from a kick-ass week at the beach! We had good weather and even though the fishing in the ocean wasn't as good as I prefer, the fishing in the beer cooler was excellent... caught one there every time! :D I had meant to write a quick message to say "c-ya in a week" to you all, but I just didn't have the time, sorry!

Anyway, this is the state of things right now......

1.) The deal for our new house is finally finished and we close on Thurday morning. We are very happy and extremely excited and ready to MOVE! I'll be moving most of our stuff over this weekend and should at least be able to check in here from time to time, even if only for a few minutes.

2.) As far as bass tracks go, right now I'm working on "The Tower" and "World of the Blind". It's been hard to find the time lately, but as soon as things settle down, I'll have them done. Until these two are done, I won't be starting anything new, but again it shouldn't be too long.

3.) I had got an e-mail from MyPlay and this is what it said...


Thank you for contacting myplay. Due to increased illegal usage of our
site, we have implemented new systems to prevent abuse of myplay.
Accounts are checked for sharing of access information, heavy download
traffic, storage of illegal files, and users not downloading directly
from their Locker by using unsupported download programs, or by linking
songs from a web site to the actual file in their Locker. We will
reopen your account, but please download directly from your Locker, and
please do not share your login information with anyone. If your account
is suspended a second time, it will not be reactivated.

myplay Customer Care

So we'll have to figure out what to do about that. :p

4.) The IMG website update is nearly done. Once we're somewhat settled into our new house, I'll be tackling the rest of the update. I should be able to have it ready by the end of June. Of course, I'll post here when it's finished.

5.) Medsy's right. (see his "tower" thread) It's time for us get more active again, myself included. It will be hard until we're moved in at our new house, but once that's done I intend to record many more projects. ANY SUGGESTIONS? ;) (hint, hint)

6.) I'm glad to be back, and I'm looking forward to freeing up more time for the IMG. :D

Anyway, I'm glad to be back! :)

Welcome back, Steve!
Good to hear from ya again.
Thought you died or something...or moving-times and such...

Beach huh? Well, I'll be damned! :p
Got a tan, eh?

Heard yer busy.
Sort it out and....well....glad to see ya back!

Gotta snooze.

(PS: Hiya Holly!)
Hi Staffan! :)

Sorry I didn't get a chance to write before I left!

We went to Cape Hatteras on the coast of North Carolina in the Eastern US. It's an excellent place!

I have what is commonly called a "Farmer's tan". You know, where it looks like you're still wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a hat because you only tanned where your skin was exposed? I mostly fish when I'm there so I usually stay covered up in the sun. Besides let's face it, the sex has to be pretty damn good before it's worth getting burnt anywhere else! :cry:

We got your e-mail and Holly has already read some of it. I won't have time until later, but I'll try to get to it. She seemed very impressed so far, and said that it read well to her. She said it's also very interesting. At one time, she was also a psych major in school. :) Right now, she's in the other room asking me to please say "Hello!" back. :deb:

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and I'll write more when I can spare the time. As you can tell, I'm right in the thick of things right now but it'll smooth out soon.

Originally posted by Eddies cellmate
5.) Medsy's right. (see his "tower" thread) It's time for us get more active again, myself included.

It seems that I will be out of the game for few 'kin WEEKS. The local bloody electronics repairman is on his 'kin holiday and doesn't come back until the 'kin 3rd week of june. 'Kin 'ell. :mad:

So this week may be my last opportunities to post here in a while as school's out next saturday...
Welcome back EC! All these people going away, and I'm stuck in boring old Sheffield! :cry: ;)

Glad to hear about your house!!!
Hope the move goes well!

Bugger, Myplay figured us out :( I'm working on the archive still (Got A-C uploaded) so that may reduce the traffic to Myplay a little...

Can't wait to see the new website!! Bet it will rock! :)

Maybe I should be more active as well? I'm too laid back for my own good! :lol: I've been working on Where Eagles Dare, and almost have the rhythm part sorted (Played it for a soundcheck at Saturdays gig through our 10K PA system extremely LOUD!!! :heh: ) I'll make sure it's 100% perfect then get it laid down (Finally! ;) ) and then do the lead tracks, these shouldn't take too long! :)

Then I'll get cracking on The Clansman, my problem is I'm a perfection freak... If it isn't 100% I have to do it over and over until it is... Probably why it takes me months to get a track done! ;)