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Apr 16, 2001
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Oh boy,

I didn't realize the tracks I recorded some time ago were very rough. They were obviously first takes.

I posted a rough working mix in Constantine's Myplay locker. This is a mix with drums and two panned rhythm guitars - both of which were flub-happy first takes. :D ...but it should give you guys enough to record your parts on. The more important part is that I cut the lenghty intro on ploughmans original track, and I EQd it quite a bit to bring up the bass drums.

I wanted to slow his track down too. He has a tendency to rush songs, and this one is no exception - and the original is fast enough.

Let me know.

Constantines myplay locker:
the usual password
Got it mate!

Jesus H! It is a little faster than the original!!!! I clocked it at just over 196bpm while the original I get at around 186bpm! My fingers nearly fell off when I played the solo! :lol:

Gonna practice it over the weekend and after picking up an adapter I need to record from my amp get it recorded next week hopefully! :)
Yea...I think this song it doomed from the start - as it will probably not turn out to be one of our best. But hey, as long as we have fun...and keep busy. I can't wait to hear your solo!

Sounds stellar! I don't mean to be nasty, but I do believe this is the first thing I've heard you actually record for us in...what..years? ;)

You are going to record one rhythm guitar part as well right?
Thanks mate! Glad you like it! :)

Lol!! It's completely true, the first thing I've recorded in years!!! :) My recording is like Dave Murray's songwriting a slow and painful process that only happens every few years, or as Bruce Dickinson put it "Like shitting an elephant!" ;)

Yep, gonna do rhythm and all the twiddly bits and the solo :) One thing I wanted to ask you, what Treble, Middle and Bass settings will you be using? Let me know and I'll set my amp the same to try and match the tones :) I need to know your settings as sound wise I'm pretty tone deaf (No pun intended!)!! ;)
I like a crunchy bright tone....but i also wanna stay more faithful to Maiden's tone - and they use more mids than I typically like.

I usually crank my mids up as far as I can before it gets muddy...and apply a generous amount treble to brighten it up. The bass I keep fairly low. Enough to punch up the low string, but not impacting the tone of the upper strings too much.

Did that all make sense?:confused: Trying to describe tones in words is quite hard. I don't want to give you dial settings, because we all know that every amplifier is different.
Just a quick update...

I'm going to go pick up the lead I need tomorrow and will record my guitar parts and stick them on Myplay by the end of tomorrow (Rabies face = :eek: :p ) :D

I was listening to Number Of The Beast last night and remembered that Martin Birch double tracked both guitars, would doing that work here do you think? I haven't got a clue about the mixing process, would recording 2 rhythm tracks each "Beef it up" a little? :confused:

Just an idea! :)

Edited 'cos I suck! :p ;)
Regarding the double-tracking:

Did Birch make Adrian and Dave play their respective parts twice? Or did they simply play it once and he offset them to make it sound double-tracked?

It is up to you mate. If you want to play your part twice, and send both tracks to me, more power to you. I find that double-tracking can often make the part sound muddier...unless you are really good at performing identically both times.

If you want me to cheat and double-track your part in the mix, I can do that to. I do it ALL the time for vocals. The only way to get them to sound beefier.
*Rant Mode*

God damn mother fucking family's with the bitching and the arguing and shit!! Driving me crazy! :( :mad: :cry:

*Rant Over*

Needed to get that out of my system! Anyway, I recorded 2 guitar tracks for Futureal but suffered from the old "Press record, fingers don't work anymore" syndrome!

I picked the best ones (Despite me playing the end wrong! Doh!) and have put it on Myplay purely for critique on my sound, whether it sounds good enough or not... Don't take this as a final track, I'm going to practice and re-record next week (Can't do it at weekend as I have to have my amp VERY loud so need to wait until no-one is in!) and hopefully cure the finger problem!! Lol! ;)

How does it sound? :)

Good sounding rough track. Does not sound too Middy at all. Maybe a bit muddy. I don't know what kind of recording setup you have. I loaded it up in a rough mix..and the two guitar tones work together pretty well. Solid playing on your part too. More reverb could probably be used on your tone...but I can do that in the mix if you prefer.

..just make sure to try to keep up with ploughman on your final take. You started falling behind a bit in some places. ;)

..its a bitch at the speed he set ain't it?
Thanks Rabies! Personally I thought it sucked, but I'm waaaaay over critical of myself! :D

My recording setup is this...

90 watt Fender Deluxe amp,
Shure SM-58 Microphone,
Fender Guitar with a Seymour Duncan humbucker in the bridge.

I send the microphone signal into my sound card (Microphone input) and just go for it! ;) The mic is in about the same place I used to have it when I played live, just to the right and down a bit from the centre of the speaker...

I'll stick some more reverb on at this end, love the sound of it while I play! :)

The speed he set is a bitch! I haven't played guitar properly for about 5 months now and haven't practiced for nearly 7 months, a little tricky is an understatement!! :p

I'm going to start practicing again today and hopefully will be able to keep up! :D
Originally posted by rabies
I loaded it up in a rough mix..and the two guitar tones work together pretty well.

Have you still got the rough mix? It'd be cool to have a listen to it...! :)

I'm still struggling a bit keeping up with the speed, is there anyway to slow the track down a bit? Are you and Constantine struggling, or should I stop whining and practice more!! ;) :p
I think I do. I'll look tonight. Want me to mail it to you?

I dunno if constantine is struggling or not. I kinda had fun at that speed..but then again..I am not doing the solo. I can see about slowing the drum track down..but we need to make sure constantine is in the loop so we all record from teh same slowed down track.
Yeah, if you could mail it to me that would be great! :)

Don't worry too much about slowing the track down if it's too much bother, as they say "No pain, no gain!" it is pretty fun at that speed (Except the solo!!) :D

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