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Apr 16, 2001
Maryland USA
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'lo all!

I am finally back from my week in Seattle. Who says it rains all the time in Seattle? If was farking 75-85 degrees everyday and not a cloud in the sky all week. Nice area.

..anyway, I read some threads while I was out (and even posted here and there)....but now I am back full force. :)

...anyway, here is my agenda for the week..in order.

Finish recording I've Got The Fire solos
Finish mixing/mastering One You Love to Hate
Finish mixing/mastering karaoke To Tame A Land (still waiting on vox on this one paul. There is a mix up on MMs myplay).
Start recording 7th Son.

...thats all I can think of for now. Medsy, Me and Steve have been working on The Tower on the side. I wanted to do that puppy a while back but nobody else seemed interested. I am keen on doing that one myself too..so we can have your version and my version. Steve has been practicing in his spare time. We were kicking around the idea of trying some new recording techniques, where he would lay down a reference track..than me....then we scrap the whole thing (after we hear how it sounds, what needs to be improved) and we re-record from scratch....so once he does his bass tracks, you are welcome to slot them into what you have. I'm also keen on hearing what you've done on it so far. :)

..alright all..I'll start up again tomorrow night. Lets kick some life into this board! :heh:

ps. Whats up with Nefilim's FTP site? I cannot access it anymore.
im emailing my tower mix to you now rabs.... it still needs a lil work in a couple of places...but overall im pretty stoked with it,..... once again mm's drumming is super...!!!

I cant wait for your mix as well..... and sorry for playing on this number...if i had known you and steve were already on it....i would of left it alone...... so sorry again lads....i didnt know ....!!!
Cool Rabs. Its been pretty quiet without your chatter :)

My update, today I finally got my hotrails in my guitar. The tone of my guitar has changed and the strings really are hot. Im trying to handle having so much power :D

Another update, I will have a POD 2.0 in a few weeks. It may be as early as Wednesday next week. This means i'll be recording again and I should sounds good for once :D :D :D
Hey rabs, cool to have you back!

About the ftp, it has been down a bit lately. However, I will now leave it up until june 7th, when it will go down permanently. So if there's anything special that you want from there, be sure to get it now. The reason for the ftp going down is because I'm moving home to Boras, since I've finished my studies here in Linkoping. Hopefully I'll be able to set up a faster, better, bigger ftp this autumn, but I can't promise anything right now.