I've Got The Fire ?


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Apr 16, 2001
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Did we ever finish this song? I know Jim did a vox track..and he said he was not going to redo it. Adde..was it you mixing this puppy? Did you ever release a final and karaoke mix?

...maybe I should hunt around on myplay.

Let me know..
I told MM that I would do another version. I just started my new job today, so my BB time is going to be a bit limited. I spent the holiday cleaning my den/studio, so I should be able to kick out a track this week/weekend...
I downloaded the track and loaded it into my studio....

I'll have a vox track done by Monday. Who am I emailing it to, and should I leave the track dry or not?
Hi guys! I think there`s one or two good instrumental mixes of this song. One that I did and one that Hyde did. We can choose one of theese. I no longer have an internet connection at my house cuz it`s got to expensive(writing this message from school), got to go back to modem again...:cry: You cant use my old "eazykiller" address anymore, I only got a hotmail now: adde_30@hotmail.com
This address cant take many megs so you cant mail the song to me Jim. I guess it`s best sombody else than me does the final mix then.

Always a good idea to leave the vox track semi-dry. You can mail it to me. Since Adde cannot mix it, I guess we can ping on hyde to see if he still has the instrument mix of his and can throw the vox in on top. If not, I can remix the whole thing from scratch with your new vocals.

Hyde, I know you still check on here once in a while. Think you can put some closure on this bad boy?