Album covers.


Apr 14, 2001
has anyone here seen the new Gamma Ray album cover? Its AWESOME. If i could find a half decent pic of it, id post it, but rest assured, it rules :)
Anyway, while I have you here, what are the best album covers of all time?

Iced Earth-AIA
Iced Earth-Dark Saga
Iced Earth-SWTWC
Iced Earth-DOP
Iced Earth-NOTSR
Iced Earth-Horror Show (hands up anyone who wasnt expecting me to name Iced Earth? :) )
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden-Powerslave
Gamma Ray-No World Order (the new one!)
Iron Maiden-Live after Death
Nevermore-Dead Heart in a Dead World
Sepultura-Beneath the Remains
Jag Panzer-Mechanized Warfare

Theres heaps more, but that will do for now :)
I have seen the cover on the gamma ray website and it is great !!
Looks like it was done by Derek Riggs but I am not sure.

If you go too they have a picture of the new album cover. I would post it but I am not sure how too.

I like slayers covers as well as the ones you have mentioned

reign in blood
south of heaven
Seasons of the Aybss

When I was younger I also loved black Sabbaths cover for sabbath bloody sabbath ... very satanic ;)
My dad has it on vynil and I use to love looking at it.
nah , i think I just liked it because it had naked chicks on a bed
The first three Marillion Covers, Any Maiden, The Kiss Studio albums between Alive I and II and the new Rollins Band album "nice"

"she fit me like a tuxcedo, I am going to shoot her with my pink torpedo"
Somewhere in time is the best cover ever. I used hours studying for details when I first got it on LP. So should you all do!!!

I'll post in a list of all details a little bit later.

The Brave New World cover is also a masterpiece, by the way
Here is all the detail I managed to find on the Somewhere in time cover:

* "This is a very boring painting" - backwards message just behind Eddie's right leg
* Ruskin Arms reference (old pub they started playing at)
* Clock says 23:58 (2 Minutes To Midnight)
* West Ham 7 Arsenal 3 - soccer score, showing their favorite team West Ham
well in the lead. Incidentally, West Ham are THE IRONS - see section 24
* Aces High bar, complete with a spitfire flying above.
* The Rainbow bar (another old club they frequented in the early days)
* Live After Death, Blade Runner on the movie theater
* The movie theater is the Philip K. Dick cinema, who is the author of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", on which the movie Blade Runner is based.
* Marquee Club (another old club they frequented in the old days)
* Phantom Opera House
* "Bollocks again and again" under "Phantom Opera House". This might be a reference to the hidden "Bollocks" message on the Powerslave cover.
* Ancient Mariner Seafood Restaurant
* Herbert Ails on the overpass (probably a reference to Frank Herbert, author of DUNE, who wouldn't allow Maiden to use it as a song title).
* "Tonight GYPSY'S KISS", under the 23:58 sign (hard to see) - reference to Steve Harris' very first band
* Hammerjacks - a reference to one of the band's favorite bars in the US, Hammerjacks Night Club in Baltimore, MD. The Night Club closed on Jan 1 94. The concert hall is still open, however.
* Long Beach Arena
* Nicko is dressed in old-time flight goggles (reference to him being a pilot).
* Nicko is also wearing a shirt saying: "Iron What?"
* On the back cover there is Icarus falling from the Sun with burning wings in the top right corner, in front of the Bradbury Hotel. This of course refers to "The Flight Of Icarus."
* The "Bradbury Hotels International" sign - is this possibly a reference to the popular futuristic author Ray Bradbury (author of such classics as "The Martian Chronicles", "Ice Nine", etc.)?
* If you look closely, you can see the shadow of the reaper on the back cover in front of the pyramids.
* The pyramids refer to the sleeve of "Powerslave".
* All the Japanese around the covers could be connected to "Maiden Japan" and IRON MAIDEN's other performances there.
* "Maggies revenge" on the back cover refers to Margaret Thatcher. She and the British government had a dispute with IRON MAIDEN back in 1980/1981 with the "Sanctuary" and "Women In Uniform" singles, depicting her as dead
on the ground (killed by Eddie, of course) and hiding behind a wall observing Eddie picking up chicks, respectively.
* The street Eddie is standing on is Acacia Avenue, a reference of course to "Charlotte the Harlot" and "22 Acacia Avenue", the Charlotte series. (You can see this above the IRON MAIDEN poster on the extreme right side).
* In one of the windows on Acacia Avenue, you can see a girl (supposedly Charlotte the Harlot herself) sitting in a chair.
* Bruce Dickinson is holding a brain, ala PIECE OF MIND.
* Tehe's bar is where they got the guys to sing backup vocals in the sing- along part in "Heaven Can Wait."
* Batman standing under Tehe's bar sign
* Tardis from Dr. Who is above the Rainbow Club sign
* Asimov Foundation Building in background
* Tyrell Corp. right above the causeway (replicant manufacturer in Blade Runner)
* Cat with halo, which seems to pop up all over the place
* Eye of Horus above Webster sign to left of Eddie's gun
* One of Eddie's eyes is actually a 'laser'. This probably comes from the "2 Minutes To Midnight single"... Just remember the picture from this single:
Eddie has a "pirate's eye", probably because of the nuclear holocaust (the nuclear mushroom-cloud in the background).
* There is a litter box right under Eddie's left leg attached to the
lamppost. This is exactly the same as the litter box attached to the light post on the IRON MAIDEN debut album, to the left of Eddie next to the wall. Pretty obscure! :)
* Also, there is a metal plate that connects Eddie's nose to the top of his head. If you look at the wall to the right of sign that has the football (excuse me, 'soccer' for y'all in the US!) score on it, you will see that little metal plate with two screws that Eddie always has on his head (since the PIECE OF MIND era at least, when he was lobotimized. The screw is there now to keep his head all together in one piece!).
* There are also these neon signs, one of which says something in Hebrew, the other one in Russian. The Hebrew bit probably means "God" (?), the Russian bit is pronounced KEPHIR and means "yoghurt". This is (or rather was) a rather common sign on the buildings indicating a milk-store in Russia.

If you find any more just post it in.
Bloody hell Bruce!! :D I love that cover too, I spent ages looking through it as well, I wish I had it on vinyl as the cd gets a bit hard to read!

Where is the hidden bollocks message on the powerslave cover? Or do I have to find it myself??? :)

Tim: How many covers were on the cd? I mean covers of songs, as there was only one cover for the cd obviously :)
Originally posted by spawn
Where is the hidden bollocks message on the powerslave cover? Or do I have to find it myself??? :)

Spawn: I have a 90cm2 poster of Powerslave (fucking hugh) so I know all the little things on the poster.

The bollocks message is on the right hand side near the trees (on the wall but you can't read it on the cd cover.)

Other hidden items on powerslave:
"Indiana Jones Was Here 1941" - left hand side, just above the first sphinx like creature (the black ones) on the wall.
Mickey Mouse face - same place as the indiana jones quote but the next bit along.
"A load of crap" - same place as the Bollocks message but on the left hand side.
"Wot no guiness" and a smiley face - right hand side just above the second sphinx from the bottom. (on the wall)
Thanks 7th, I now intend to spend my afternoon trying to find those things on the cd cover anyway :D
Best album covers:

Opeth - Still Life
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth - Youthanasia
Metallica - ... And Justice For All
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Any Iron Maiden album, particularly SIT.
Jesus Bruce you've studied that quite thoroughly!

My fave album covers ever are mostly by Maiden and Megadeth:

Iron Maiden:
Iron Maiden,
The Number Of The Beast
Live After Death
Somewhere In Time
No Prayer For The Dying
A Real Dead One

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
So Far, So Good... So What!
Rust In Peace
Countdown To Extinction
The World Needs A Hero

Ok as you can see I really love Iron Maiden and Megadeth covers hahaha!

Other favourites:
Kiss - Destroyer
Demons & Wizards - Demons & Wizards
Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast
Iced Earth - Horror Show
AC/DC - If You Want Blood

Covers I like because of what the bands look like on them haha:
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil (classic metal cover!)
Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In (glam to the absolute MAX!)
Alice Cooper - Trash (I want that t-shirt and jacket!)

Covers I like for the hot looking girls:
Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy
Slaughter - Stick It To Ya

Sabbaths : Sabbath Bloody sabbath, Live Evil,
Preists : Sad Wings of Destiney
Black label Society: Sonic bREW (With the Scotch Label)
Nazeraths : No Mean City (Rod Matthews cover a nasy beaty thing with a large Axe).
Thin Lizzy : Black Rose
Ac/dc : Back in Black
Metallica : Black Album
Spinal Tap: Spinal TAP
Hotter Than Hell
Dressed to Kill (spot the Beatles rip-offs!)
Creatures of The Night (the original glow in the dark vinyl version)

Killers (always a fave)
Somewhere In Time
Brave New World

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Horror Show

Mob Rules (see if you can spot "Kill Ozzy" scrawled amongst the graffiti. It's in there!)

Honourable mentions must also go to Queen's News of The World and of course Dungeon's Resurrection. I played the album to a friend not long ago and before I even put it in the CD player, he remarked "you could cut yourself on that logo!"

Yeah I spoted that on the bottom right hand side just under Greg Hil Debrants name on the cover .

Hve you seen the stuff wriiten around "Ozzy'S" Spaek of The Devil Cover . Love that jam on his chin .