Alexi + Gus G. on the cover of Young Guitar (Japan)


deth metal cowgirl
i just found this on

"In other news, CHILDREN OF BODOM's Alexi Laiho and DREAM EVIL/FIREWIND's
Gus G. are sharing the cover of the popular Japanese magazine Young Guitar
this month."

here it is! :headbang:

i wish i could bodomic, i truly do, but i dont have a DVD ripper, and i dont have a DVD drive, i could however start tabbing all the excercises in the magazine, and print them out, and make copies of the DVD to a VHS tape, and i would be happy to sent it to whoever wants it, provided they give me some shipping money. also if i could be compensated a small portion for time and the Video tape it self. just a US dollar is all. id be more than happy do to it.
Does this issue have the same material as presented on the earlier young guitar dvd with alexi and gus g? If this is a totally new session, I'd definately get it...but if its just rehashed material presented in a different format, then I might get it, but will pass more than likely....anyone know??
creatrix777 said:
yo, i don't think the magazine itself is in English. i could be wrong,
but i think NeedledWarheart just meant the website is in English...
so it will be easier to order from, etc.
well all im interested in is the lessons, and those are in english, so thats good
EagleFlyFree said:
haha alexi is 27 shades paler than the guy...
Stay out of the sun, bunny, I fuckin' LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :oops:
Seriously, I think his pale white skin IS beautiful...
What the hell is it with ppl thinking tanned=sexy???????????????