Young Guitar Video Finally up


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Sep 16, 2002
you guys remember that young guitar DVD lesson with Alexi, Jani Laimatainen, and Gus G. ya know. . this one

well. . .Delt has it on his server, ( you might have to search for it for a few minutes, but its called "Reap And Roll" and the excercises for Alexi Section (done by me, i have the book) is in the "Incoming" folder. Enjoy.

P.S. Delt - Is The Gus G. Section Getting Uploaded anytime soon?
And Also the Newest Alexi issue, which is a CD booklet, will be completed shortly, and the Audio Files can be found on DC++, and if delt can spare it. . on his server also. .

> it got moved, somewhere. . delt knows exactly where it is. .

uh? i left it exactly where it was.... and yeah i noticed an IP change yesterday so there was probably 10-20 minutes of down time.

i also have the Jani part in much better quality, if anyone is interested. it also has more stuff.

> and if delt can spare it. . on his server also. .

sure, upload away.

eagle: hey, i like manga!! and beautiful japanese girls!!!! watch yer mouth young man, or i'll ban all of argentina and jolly roger from my server :D hehehehe :) :)
i looked in DC++....didn't see it
what hub? im on the one
maybe no one with an open slot has it, but i haven't seen it at all...
chainek said:
I have the real media version of it. Just type in 'laiho' and you should find it. I'm in the same hub you listed by the way.

i have reap and roll, thanks, i was talking about the audio one...
but thanks anyway