Young Guitar Video Finally up

Lemming said:
thanks for the rips though :)
cool stuff
very cool. . .i was hoping to do it. . but i dont have a DVD player, and i dont have a ripper. .

:worship: rreatoruk :worship:
full video uploading starting now

after that, i will upload the parts where jani talks about sruff

and then finally, the Gus G. part
ok, i think its done now, somebody check it for me tho, need to make sure its fully working ! it works fine on my pc !
and i uploaded Real Player because now you have to pay for it. . fuckers. .
ummm i think i see what is going wrong...

im using CuteFTP and i upload the file, wen its on 100%, the transfer sits around, cnaging status from "waiting", "transrerring" and "working" after about half an hour of this, i get an error message saying "tempory completion reply"

is this because of cuteFTP ?? i really dont wanna upload this video for the 4th time.... but if i must i guess i'l have to try it with another ftp client...

any gueses ??, cheers \m/
Thank you for the clips.
Would be great when you load gus g up as well and can you have the full avi/mpeg one for it too for us fast d/l'ers
If it is just the RM i will understand but i hate using RM which i am sure a lot of you do.
There is a 565 meg version on emule under alexi laiho, not young guitar and i will let you know when i get it if it is the full thing