American Idol tonight


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Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia
For those that don't know, tonight Bo sings "In a Dream" by Badlands. You might have heard because Badlands fans all over the net are going nuts about it.

I haven't actually heard the original song - Badlands were always one of those bands that I wanted to hear but never got around to it - so now I'm one of those new people who really want to check them out. I did download the clip from American Idol and it's great.

So yeah, thought someone might be interested in that.
Bo Bice really isn't that great a singer.

I wanted to like him cos he looked metal... but he just has this low country tone that I've heard a million times before.

That Constantine guy looked like more of a "Creed" sort of 'rocker' but he had a much better voice.
Fuck it.. I already posted my thoughts here, but they're gone. HA

Constantine was awesome! His version of Bohemian Rhapsody was quite brilliant, especially considering just how hard a song it can be. However, after butchering a crap Canadian song on American Idol with his version of How You Remind Me by Nickelback - he deserved to be booted.

Bo.. although his range seems limited, I love the tone of his voice. To my ears he always sounds great, plus he is great fun to watch.

Carrie won for those that don't know.

Funniest bit of the show? When they were singing with real proper acts (Bo with Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc) and that Nico bloke and Scott were singing that "On Broadway" song with George Benson on guitar; both sang, and then Benson sang and made them look like the talentless chumps they are.
I can't remember who sang with him, but what about the two that "sang" with Kenny G... the producers must have been like "yeah you two really suck... we'll stick you with him so you don't look out of your league"