Another (hilarious) Paradise Lost review...

I seriously can't even read that. The sheer amount of capitalization hurts my brain.

man, my Global Domination review shat all over that one.

agreed, But I think he was refering to the amount of mistakes, and swearing he used! And yours although it used swearing was by far better english.

I think the most hilarious thing about this review is that we have actually found a written opinion on Paradise Lost that is more annoying to read than Zach's. Symphony X has truly sparked the first sign of the end of days.
Hah! Zach, I meant that as a poke, not a jab. You already know my stance on your review, I don't feel like repeating the whole thing.

A review loses credibility as soon as I see an incoherent slather of caps, swears, combined words, and a lack of language comprehension. On the same token, credibility disappears as soon as the phrase "touching dicks" is used to describe how you feel about something.

I'm not starting another lame flame war here, Zach. Your style of review would be great for something like The Onion, where I think your phrasing would come across hilariously. Other than a joke newspaper, though, don't ask me to take your opinion seriously.
i've gotta be honest.. this guy curses way too much, but i agree with him 100%. he said not one word that didn't make sense to me..... other than twwweeeeennnnttttyyyy. i think it was misspelled.
:lol: hahhaha, i know 90% was incorrect but i didn't feel like rereading the review to find something different. plus i was being a bit sarcastic.:p
Nice little shoutout to the Sym X forum that guy gave when he was describing Sacrifice. :lol:
Nah, he listens to lots of stuff. He's from Chile, though, and his English is a bit... "rusty." Granted, I've never met anyone from Chile, but I'm sure that 99.9% of the country's population can spell better than Mr. Fuckernando can.
I'm chilean lol... Yeah, we can spell better than that.

Anyway, I quite agree with him lol, Paradise Lost rules, FUCKING TWEEEEENTY! :headbang: