Another OSA contest: OSA Jeopardy!

Hi everyone! :wave:

You guessed it, our major announcement is that there will be another contest! This time, we think we have broadened the playing field and more people can participate, but we don't want to make things too easy, do we? ;)

So in honor of our 10th anniversary, it's probably not the most unique idea in the world to make a trivia contest. But hold on, this isn't just a *Nightwish* trivia contest...oh no, this is an OSA trivia contest too! How well do you know the OSA? How much have you been paying attention to what goes on around here over the last 10 years? Why don't you test your knowledge and find out? Don't worry, we haven't made the questions too difficult, and all the answers can be found by doing a little searching on our website or browsing around through the forum.

The contest will be held in 3 parts, for 3 levels of difficulty. Right now is the "easy" level, so everyone is welcome to participate! You have until next Tuesday to send in your answers. Whoever gets the most correct answers will advance to the next round. Just send your answers via e-mail here. You will then be contacted via e-mail as to whether or not you have advanced to the next round. Once the second ("intermediate") round begins, there will be no new contestants.

We have some pretty awesome prizes to give once again, so don't let your fear of not being the ultimate trivia expert keep you from giving it a try! Remember, you could win purely by default; if you're the only one to participate, you could take home the entire kit and caboodle! But we hope that more than one person will participate.

Thanks to our friends at Mad Supply (the home of Nightwish-Shop), we have some pretty cool Nightwish merch to give to our OSA Jeopardy champion. The grand prize? A signed OSA t-shirt, autographed by 5 of the 6 bandmembers. Consider this a "collector's item", as this has been signed by the two newest additions to the group: Troy Donockley and Floor Jansen. The only autograph that is missing is Jukka, but you will also receive his autograph on the other part of the grand prize: an autographed postcard from the former lineup. So not only will you get Floor and Troy, but you will also get an item that was autographed by Anette. A true Imaginaerum tour prize package!

I will post the first round of questions a little later, so click on the link below to read the contest rules and get a feel of how the three rounds will play out. Good luck to all of you!

OSA Jeopardy contest
Round 1 has ended, and here are the answers! There will be no new entries accepted at this point, so congrats to our 5 contestants!


Level 1 (Nightwish Newbie):
These are the "entry-level" trivia questions; basic Nightwish trivia that even new fans should know, and basic info about the OSA that most people learn in just a short time of being here. There are no points given in this round; those with the most correct answers will advance to the second round.

Q: True or false: the first Nightwish album was released in 1997.
A: —True.

Q: Who was the very first "president" of the OSA?
A: —Matthew Bankes ("Snowy Owl").

Q: What was the name of the television show where Nightwish videos were first seen in the U.S. during prime-time hours?
A: —Movies & Music ("Rocker Girls").

Q: True or false: Oceansoul Taimi is currently taking vocal lessons with Floor Jansen.
A: —False. It is Oceansoul Zoë who is working with Floor.

Q: Tuomas considers what animator to be his biggest influence?
A: —Walt Disney.

Q: According to his family, what was the late Marc Brueland's favorite Nightwish song?
A: —"Walking in the Air".

Q: What was the name of the band Anette was in before being chosen as Nightwish vocalist in 2007?
A: —Alyson Avenue

Q: Who was the winner of the OSA's "Enter the Scaretale" contest in 2012?
A: —Adrian ("Angel of Grief").

Q: According to the interview Tuomas gave with the OSA in 2012, whose idea was it to perform "Nemo" in the acoustic style?
A: —Anette.

You have until midnight of October 22nd to e-mail your answers! You will be contacted via e-mail if you have advanced to the next round. GOOD LUCK!
We have our OSA Jeopardy Round 1 winners! Congratulations to our 5 contestants who got the most correct answers: Joshua Negrón (who got a perfect score!), Domenik Gutiérrez, Eric Fly Bahamondez, Nohemi Zamarron, and Larissa Barbosa! Great job, you guys!

From this point onward, these are the OSA Jeopardy contestants; no new entries will be accepted, so these 5 will compete against each other for the grand prize! Whoever advances to the final round will not only receive the Nightwish bicycle reflector they have already won, but they will also get an autographed postcard (signed by the previous band lineup: Tuomas, Marco, Jukka, Emppu, and Anette)! Good luck to all of you!

Without further ado, let Round 2 begin! We will post the questions for the 5 of you. This is going to get tough, and there are a lot more questions! Everyone else, please do not try to help our contestants by giving away the answers!
The OSA Jeopardy contest winner has been decided! Thanks to a generous donation from our friends at Nuclear Blast USA, our winner and runner-up will get a little something extra to make their wait worthwhile...a 2-DVD/2-CD copy of Showtime, Storytime for the grand prize winner, and a 2-CD copy of Showtime, Storytime for the runner-up! That's not a bad Christmas surprise, if I do say so myself!

Congrats to Nohemi Zamarron, our OSA Jeopardy champion; and to Joshua Negrón, our 2nd place runner-up. Props also to Domenik, Larissa, and Eric for their participation as well. All of them did a fantastic job and can say with pride that they really know their Nightwish/OSA trivia and are the ultimate Oceansouls!!!