Any DI/reamp box with line level output?


Jan 2, 2012
Something like the Redeye that has Line Level output instead of mic level. So that I can plug the DI side into a line in instead of a preamp.
I'm looking at the back of my Redeye and it most definitely does not have a line-out.
Sorry, I meant I'm looking for a product that is basically the same as the Reseye, but with an additional line level output. I think the Multi Z by Little Labs would do it, but that's a little expensive for me. I'm hoping to find something closer to tr Redeye's price range.
Another variant:

Mic/Line/Instrument preamplifer, can be used as DI, active splitter and active reamper due to impedance balanced outputs (compartible with balanced and unbalanced cables). Line level output.
You have to solve possible ground loops problems, because there is no transformer isolation.
Around $160 :)
Operational amplifiers have bipolar +/-15 V power supply that gives high headroom without distortions.
At least works as good as BSS AR133, but can handle larger signal. Have low noise, for example, better than RME stuff.
Unlike many preamps it has separate preamps for mic and line/Hi-Z.
Can be mounted in 1U rack.
There is also two channel version, SPM-200.