Any news?


Apr 17, 2005
Guys, I know you're all probably busy with your lives and everything, but the last news entry on the official website reads "27.11.2011 - Pyramaze announce new lineup and commence recording new album"... that's nearly 3 years old.

Surely there's some news to give us? I don't know if there are more updates on the Pyramaze Facebook page, but not everyone uses Facebook (including me). I think the official website deserves an update.
Quite right, the website surely needs an update. I hardly use facebook, but I went there a few times to see about some updates. Basically there are no big news announced by now, but I'll try to sum it up.

Who is the singer? We don't know...
When will the album be released? We don't know...
Is the album already finished? We don't know, but rumours are the finishing touches are done these days... well, you know, "these days" might be quite a long time...

Now, come on, Jonah, please correct me if I missed something. :rolleyes:
Wishful thinking here but... since Matt isn't on Jon's leash anymore, why not call him up and request another collaboration for this album? Yes I know he has his own band now but... c'mooon! :D

This is the first I've heard news that Urban left. What happened?
What? I thought Urban was the new singer? What happened? Did he grow tired of waiting, too? :p

Another collaboration with Matt would be awesome but I don't see it happening. I hope he's busy writing new material for AoA :)
Well, there are some signs he is not in the band anymore:

a) He is not shown as member on the FB-page, while Jacob Hansen who joined later is. The official page is quite out of date, as Obsolum already said.
b) Pyramaze said on their FB-page that they will tell us about the singer sometime... "soon" is the right word I guess.
c) Urban said so on his forum some time ago...
d) Furthermore, if Urban was still in the band, why keeping it secret when it was already announced he joined about 5 years ago?

I'm there with you guys, Matt Barlow again would be amazing. And as they are making such a big secret about the new singer, it's quite possible that we might know the guy. Still I doubt it's Matt Barlow, unfortunately.

But I hope they will come across with some news soon. "Soon", yeah. :D