I'm throwing in the Metal Towel of Doom!


God Of All Things Metal

I'm at that point where I think I'm ready to throw in the towel on Pyramaze. Theres been no news, no teases, lineup change after lineup change, and oh, did I mention no news?

You can only expect someone to wait around for so long, and be loyal for so long, before the lack of updates, news, information, INTERACTION (from the band) drives them away.

While in the past, I found Jonah and Michael's "teases" about upcoming album irritating as all hell, at least we were being given information about the status of production, little snippets of new material and HOPE and PROOF that a new album was indeed on its way.

So, with a heavy heart, I must say goodbye to a band I once had immensely high hopes for, loved and praised as I fear that due to the lack of anything coming out of the Pyra-camp that they're either done or have encountered massive problems with trying to get the new album done and have spiraled into oblivion.

Maybe one day I'll hear album 4 has come out and maybe I'll check it out, but I wont be checking the forum or facebook page again anytime soon.

Goodbye Pyramaze, it was a fun ride while it lasted.
Yeah, sad to say but I feel and have the same sentiments. It's a shame in with all that the members past and present are doing and involved in, none of it in my mind compares or comes close to the quality of what is Pyramaze. The potential of what the band was supposedly reaching for was only more enlightening and that seems to be a faded dream or memory. I'm at the point now where I'm hoping and reaching that somehow Mike and Lance would somehow come in and save us. As crazy as this sounds, at this point I don't know what to wish or hope for?

As a loyal and true Pyrawarrior, I appreciate and very grateful for all that the band has given us. I understand music is a process and things change, but if this is how Pyramaze fades and ends? Then I'm one extremely disappointed fan and feel a bit cheated here.
Edited: A few months later and this forum is deader than snake shit. R.I.P. Pyramaze and this forum, it's been a good run. *throws in towel and walks away*

...*storms back in and picks up the towel* FUCK YEAH!!!