Anyone have Opeth's setlist from Wacken in 2000?

The Shape

Apr 2, 2003
Monterey Bay, CA
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I have a bootleg that is supposed to be of their gig at Wacken in 2000, but the second song is The Drapery Falls, which wasn't released until 2001 on BWP. And when Mikael says "this song is called The Drapery Falls" on the recording the crowd reaction is kinda good, which I think would be kinda odd if he announced a song that the audience had never heard before. So I'm questioning if this recording really is from Wacken 2000 or just some random show on the BWP tour.

Bands play new stuff before the albums come out all the time. For example, right now Maiden is playing Wildest Dreams and in Metallica's Cunning Stunts DVD, they play Fuel. It has been done before, so if the boot you have says Wacken 2000, I'd say believe it.