Ark - Burn the Sun


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Ark - Burn the Sun
Inside Out Music - 2001
By Rodrigo


Following the heels of the success generated by their self-titled debut album, Ark is back and they are more impressive than before. The trio of singer Jorn Lande, guitarist Tore Øtsby, and drummer John Macaluso are now joined by a couple of heavyweights: bassist Randy Coven and keyboardist Mats Olausson. What is created here is an immensely talented band that doesn’t forget the importance of composition in their music. This is what makes Burn the Sun so amazing. It just flows so well and it does so without finding any speed bumps along the way. Where so many progressive bands try to make the most complex and technical album, Ark manages to not only make challenging music but also songs that are memorable and splendid. Let’s hope more bands pay attention to this formula.

The one constant that is truly impressive all through the album is the singing by Jorn. This man has some intense vocal pipes and with his performance has planted himself as one of the best vocalists in metal. Just listen to his soaring singing in "Resurrection" and "Waking Hour" and tell me he can’t belt it out. But also listen to his emotional tone in the power ballad "Missing You". There is nothing Jorn can’t do. Not even the technicality of "Absolute Zero" can stop him. He sings to the beat but also adding another dimension to the music.

Burn the Sun easily has to be one of the most musically diverse albums that I have ever heard. "Just A Little" is thoroughly infused by Spanish and Flamenco music. The chorus is one of the most beautiful things I have had the pleasure of hearing. "Burn the Sun" and "Noose" are more traditional and straight forward heavy metal songs but both employ plenty of things to keep you guessing like the tropical flavored section from 2:27 to 2:53 on "Noose". "Torn" is the shortest song but still pack a punch. The bass lines are truly awesome and there are rhythm sections of the song, especially the drumming, where I get a tribal music feel. "Heal the Waters" is easily one of the best songs of Burn the Sun. This song typifies the point I was trying to make regarding how well the album flows despite the tempo changes. At first the song starts of soft with the music and singing but after the first chorus it picks up the intensity and doesn’t let up. The instrumental sections of the song are phenomenal; there are great moments for both the guitar and keyboards. "Resurrection" is another favorite of mine. This was actually the song that I heard that made want to get Burn the Sun. The drumming in the beginning is very cool and the first part of the song feature acoustic guitar picking and strumming that is similar to "Just A Little". The chorus is one of the best of the album not only because of the memorable vocal melodies that are great to sing along to but Tore has some nasty riffs in store for us during this part.

Burn the Sun is a mind-blowing album, offering plenty of music for many enjoyable listens. This album does not get old and after repeated listens sounds just as fresh after I heard it the first time. This is the album that any fan of progressive metal must own. It will not disappoint.
Totally Awesome-Being a fan of ALL Metal Genres, I feel this album really "Tops it off" for progressive metal. Better than "other disappointing"artist's who simply rehash the former or allow there wells to run dry. Fresh is a great term to describe this "underdog" feature.