Atrophia Red Sun – Twisted Logic


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Atrophia Red Sun – Twisted Logic
Adipocere Records – CDAR87 – 2004
By Russell Garwood


Poland’s Atrophia Red Sun play death/black/nu-metal. Prominent electronics can draw parallels with both industrial and symphonic metal, while the sound is rather varied in its influences. The guitars are tight, razor sharp rhythm work, compelling leads and technical solos giving the music a harsh edge. The riffage too is exact and clinically performed, while occasional clean tones provide intermittent melody. This is heightened by the synths, which are often melodic and tranquil, but sometimes juxtaposed by sporadic, pure industrial style noise and increasingly caustic electronics. The vocals vary between a mid-range black metal screech, and lower toned growls. Occasional passages of effects laden recitation are pure Cradle Of Filth (to the point of plagiarism) – luckily these are few and far between. Occasional shouts and singing would not be amiss on a Korn album.

Beneath this the bass is solid and fitting, helping create a nu-metal sound in some sections, while also fitting perfectly with the more extreme majority. Some of the sporadic slapped lines are superb. The drums are well performed, using both tom-heavy, crushing beats, and heavier kick rolls/rapid blasts.

Twisted Logic is a varied release, both in style and quality. Some moments are pure genius, and manage to meld not only different styles but completely disparate atmospheres with style and grace. Others seem unoriginal and uninspiring. This is, overall, a solid album. Good performances and clear production make it very listenable, and there is much promise in the eleven songs on display. I look forward to hearing future work.


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