::ATTENTION:: Death Metal Drummers in Tampa Bay !!

evil ashes

we are brothers...eternal
Left in Ashes is currently in search for a new drummer....

Last Tuesday, October 25th, we were informed by our drummer that he no longer would be able to continue with the band. After 3 and a half years he came to the conclusion that he was losing interest and that he had to take care of a lot of outside and personal issues. He played his last show this past Saturday night.

There are definitely no hard feelings and we wish him the best but LIA must go on. We plan on taking this band to the next level and in order to do that we need a drummer that can kill!!

We are in search of drummers in the Tampa Bay area or maybe even drummers who may be moving to Tampa Bay soon. Please check out our profile and take a listen... if you like what you hear and you feel that you would be able to fill the role please let us know... Like I said before, we plan on taking this band to the next level.... so we need a drummer that definitely has the experience and the determination to make this happen.

We have a few qualifications:
•Must be very experienced, determined, and very pro-active (NO LAZY ASSES!)
•Must have exstensive Metal/Death Metal background.... Lots of fast thrash parts and blast beats and double bass. (Please send a list of your favorite influences)
•Must have reliable means of transportation
•Must live in the Tampa Bay area
•Must have a decent drum set... The more pieces the better! Double Bass a must!
•Looking for good personalities only (No ego-trips or attitudes)

I know i might have forgotten a few things, but these are the main ones. Please let us know if you are interested!!

Email me at: leftinashes@hotmail.com
IM me on AIM: LeftinAshes