Audio experts,please look

Jul 12, 2001
since Im no good at audio mixing etc,I'd appreciate any help for the audio of upcoming video,
I uploaded 1min samples from different sources,if you could help,please let me know

since the geoshities giving hard time for downloads limits(but not for ftp so far hehe)
here are ftp links

not:dont forget to rename them to .mp3
What do you want to know how to do??? The quality is poor to begin with, single mic recording by the sound of it from a show....Ask a specific question and I'll do my best to help! is not that bad,thats what I used in the previous video..

You could check the sound files,try to mix them together,or just mix one good one to make it sound better.. I dont know its up to you,whatever makes it sound better..

Then you can either tell me the program you used & settings,or ask me to upload the whole song so you can edit it all yourself.

The video is almost ready,I dont want this to delay it or I will have to use it without any mixing again :(
Well, I'm downlaoding them now to my Hard Drive, since I only listened to the first one. But in order to edit them, they need to be in wav format, since mp3's encoding properties do not allow editing. I could decode them to wav, which would result in loss, edit, them convert back to mp3, which again would be lossy.....Is that ok?
yeah thats ok,thats why I put up some mp3s,
if they can sound better,then I can upload full song in wav,then you can send me the project save from the program or something..