Aussie Tour shirt wanted


Jul 6, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
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Im after an Opeth - Watershed tour shirt from the Australian tour. I went to the melbourne gig & was meant to buy my friend in America a tour shirt but i got to wasted & forgot to get one on the way out......which i was out of cash anyway, So if anyone wants to sell one or know where i can buy them let me know.

I missed out on a shirt too. I made the stupid mistake of waiting until after the gig to wait in line for merch, so by the time I reached the table, there was nothing but XL left. Sucks.

I've checked out the official online Opeth store, but I can't seem to find any Watershed shirts smaller than a medium. And medium is still about 38-44 inches. Way too big for me. :(

So yes, I would also like to hear if anyone has any spare smaller sizes to sell!