Big Brother isn't watching (mishmash of 10.000 tired thoughts)


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May 17, 2002
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Finished reading 1984 by George Orwell today.

I don't think Big Brother's watching. Instead he's dancing, singing, laughing, flapping his hands in order to get our attention and when he has it, he doesn't let go. Big Brother's filling our heads with junk and making our minds dull by spoon feeding us. When watching prime-time you don't have to think at all. Fuck, we even get told when to laugh by the audience.

I think the worst thing with television is that there is no distinction between entertainment and information. They're both woven together and that is why it is inferior to the printed word.The printed word offers space and time for discussion on a subject while TV just tells us the news in snippets by 15 seconds and then moves on to another subject. This makes our attention span much shorter, seeing how we hardly have any time to reflect on the subject until the next HOT NEWSFLASH!
The saying, "I think, therefore I am" comes to mind :)

Anyway, the short attention span probably has something to do with our dread of silence and lonliness because then we are left with our thoughts and nothing else. We then notice how lonely and robbed of spirituality we really are. So, we try to have atleast some kind of aural wallpaper to drone and wash our lonliness away. This is partially because of the alienation of modern society.

This got very off-track so i'll stop here. Thoughts, anyone?
Good book. :)

I agree that television has turned into mindless drivel in the last few years, which is why I no longer watch it. The media easily control the general public's thoughts via television. Most people are gullible enough to believe whatever CNN or whatever news channel feeds them without even thinking about it. Obvious examples are Bush's approval rating, post-9/11 false American pride, etc.

I agree that television is a means to fill one's life with generic entertainment to pass the time so that people don't actually have to think about serious matters. It's clearly visible by watching reality shows, daytime talk shows, MTV, etc. that people have learned to settle for anything. TV requires no thought anymore, and most people eat this up without any complaints. I think the only solution to this is to BLOW UP YOUR TELEVISION! Seriously, stop watching television and go the library and read a book, read something interesting online, or listen to some music that invokes thought. There is so much information out there today, and the people who need to be exposed to it are blinded by the entertainment industry. They fill their time with unnecessary garbage in fear of learning something about themselves that could possibly alter their lives or wake them up to the world around them to which they are so oblivious. Anyway...
I hardly watch TV..Only to watch anime that I like, which is now seldom shown, a movie I happened to miss at the theaters or did not want to waste my money to go see..Or..Out of sheer boredom..Which seldom happens. What I do use my TV most for is for playing games..And the occasional news..I prefer to be updated because I don't like the newspaper.

Otherwise..I agree.