"Goofy" Band Mates


Oct 16, 2004
To start it off, some background information, all of our band mates are in the 14-16 age range, we started about a year and a half ago (juneish last year) with me (bass) and my friend on lead guitar, our other friend who played guitar (rhythm) joined with us very soon afterwards (maybe a week or so). When we started talking about it at school, another one of our friends said "hey, i played the drums a while back, I'll get into it again and start taking lessons again"

within a month everyone was doing reasonably good and we had 2-3 songs we jammed too when we practiced. As months progressed we noticed some jam sessions consisted of us (namely our rhythm guitarist and drummer) just playing our own stuff and almost *practicing* their instrument there, when they shoujld have done that at home, obviously. This got progressively worse when we got to the begininning of summer. By then we had ditched a bunch of our songs, and really only had one song we could play all the way through (an original).. When talking about the band early that summer, one of my friends mentioned that he used to sing in choir or something a year or so ago, we said "come sing for us" maybe jokingly, maybe not, im not really sure, but I kept saying to him, "you really shud atleast try it out, see how you sound," cause he was really unsure of himself. We decided to cover a song (Fade to black by metallica), after playing it a few times it sounded very good. that was about all we accomplished during the summer, aside from our drummer forgetting his beat for our one original...
in the beginning of september we have started to work on another original which we havent gotten much more progress with since, me and the lead guitar player have all the parts we need and we are working on a meledy with the vocalist, its a little hard to progress though when your drummer isnt doing anything while we play it and our rhythm guitar player doesnt help...

Do you think we have a problem?? or is this normal?

Basically, our last practice went like this (not to different from the majority of recent practices): we play fade to black, we try to play a new cover but it gets **** up by our r-guitarist or durmmer going off beat completely, we try to work on an original or get something done but r-guitarist and drummer just paly random **** and we cant even converse, we will usually have to go outside and talk to get more done, and often, they will just walk out and leave, which is totally unacceptable...

Also, we have another guitarist friend who is a BETTER drum player than our drummer, unfortunately he is quite busy and is in 5 bands ATM, so he can only jam with us sometimes, but we have almost written more snogs with him than with our real drummes :s

IF you actually read all this please comment, we are stuck of what to do, the guitarist and drummer are good friends, yet they are holding us back, our guitarist seems serious about it, and the drummer says that he is always practicing and serious about it (it is obvious he doesnt practice ofter, if at all, as he has gotten worse at drumming since he got his new computer... he can barely keep a steady beat half the time).

Well, if you are serious about this band and the two are holding you back give them an option. Either you get your shit together and get serious or pack your bags. I mean if they decided to keep it serious tell them what you want from them. If you can't get a creative process going together, take charge and let them know what you want. We've had this problem a bit in my band and once I told the fuckers, WHEN I SAY STOP AND LISTEN, STOP! AND LISTEN OR GET THE FUCK OUT! After that we got better at what we were working on. Our philosophy is, jam out a few songs. BREAK (fuck around with your instruments, smoke whatever) then jam a few more songs, discuss and work on new ideas BREAK...jam a few more songs and usually call it quits unless we want to jam some more or what have you. Basically I'll I'm saying is LAY DOWN THE LINE or tell them to take a hike. They may get disgruntled for a bit but they'll get over it if they are your friends.
I say threaten to fire them both, if they react positively that's good, if not then get yourself serious people who want to put in some work for the band, and not just mess around.
Good luck.:wave: