Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, Soulfly yesterday


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Feb 5, 2002
So I got tho this gig in Prague yesterday and here´s my brief review:

Soulfly-sound was crappy and the band was heavy, but boring. You could hear only drums and vocals anyway-I wondered whether the guitars even were in PA. The curse of a support band. Played some Sepultura songs though and Eye For An Eye in the end.

Velvet Revolver-saw and heard ´em for the 1st time, and it was...Guns N´Roses all the way. Something was telling me Weiland doesn´t pitch in for our team. He´s got cock rock image now and grabs his balls and screams "yeeeeah, rock n´roll fucking rock n´roll!!!!", a cross between Axl and Rob Halford. Back in the day, he used to be an alternative grunge freak and probably wore flannel shirt, didn´t he? :) They played It´s So Easy from GNR and Sex Type Thing from STP. I have to say I liked their own songs musically, but I wasn´t really freaking out of their set.

Black Sabbath-I was surprised. The best show I´ve seen from them and Ozzy was in a great shape, which I really didn´t expect! He pushed the crowd like crazy motherfucker and was screaming and jumping his ass off. Something different from The Osbournes :) He was out of key in some songs (N.I.B.) though. As much as I don´t like Black Sabbath the song, I have always found it boring, it was great and atmospheric yesterday. And Bill Ward didn´t die of heart attack during the set, which I was worried of, his playing is not the top notch but he handled it pretty fucking well.
The BS setlist: (I was making notes)
After Forever
War Pigs
Dirty Women
Fairies Wear Boots
Symptom Of The Universe/Sweet Leaf/Electric Funeral
Iron Man
Into The Void
Black Sabbath
The Wizard
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Paranoid

Children Of The Grave
greets johnnie-i saw vr at download and they were twatful-totally wasted in my opinion.your right about weiland though stone temple pilots was definatley more his forte.the image change is scary-he used to be a chunky burger eating grunger and now hes a leather clad glamboy-quite shocking really -i do like the tunes but its hard to get all the way through the album in one go-and as for fall to pieces-jesus christ that shit really should be buried in a lead coffin out of earshot!!.however sabbath were fucking class the sound was spot on -the bass was just incredible and ozzy was like you say "remarkably animated" even if he was out of time for the start of"sabbath"-i also saw slipknot for the first time-that show is so well put together i find it amazing how the nine of them keep it as tight as they do-and the theatrics definatley grab ya attention.but i guess more importantly saw anthrax im not goin to get into the whole bush/belladonna thing but lets just say the tunes were great but id rather theyd been done gote style. cheers :headbang:
Yeah, Sabbath are on fire! I was at their little warm up gig near Ozzy's house, and it was fantastic. Tony Iommi is the man!
Mr. Wu said:
Are you coming to the Pilzen show? Someone has to.

To Quote python
"You lucy lucky bastards"
In Australia sabbath have not been here since 1974
Good to see you liked it :hotjump:
I saw them last week in vienna.
Black Label Society was ok (my girlfriend headbanged till death)
Velvet Revolver was a big joke. 98% of the people fell asleep or laughed at this funny Iggy Pop copy. (well, Iggys body looks much better)

Black Sabbath were fantastic! They played much better than 6 years ago!
My neck still hurts (first I saw nine inch nails, 5 days later BS, that's too much for a 30 year old bastard like me)
In my opinion, Black Sabbath is the ONLY reunion that makes sense. :headbang:

Apropos: Today is the first Anthrax-show in my country that I miss. Don't want to see (and hear) Joey live.
(BBB = Bring Back Bush) ;)
so BLS were in Austria? So why the fuck they couldn´t come to Czech. Goddamn. I would love to see them, rather than Soulfly!
Now you have a really good reason to see Thrax Johnnie!!!! Thats pretty cool of you Wu:worship: Oh I just got GOTE today and that cd kicks some serious ass. I know I am a little behind but anyways it was kicking my ass on my way to work today and you should have seen the looks I was getting at the stop lights with Metal Thrashing Mad cranked to the hilt :headbang:
Black Sabbath were fantastic! They played much better than 6 years ago!
good because i think they were a let down every time i've seen them.the set list looks promising also. maybe i'll stay after maiden to see their set. i'm so burned out of ozzy though it might be hard too.
freakbrother6969 said:
In my opinion, Black Sabbath is the ONLY reunion that makes sense. :headbang:

??? The Black Sabbath reunion lineup hasn´t recorded anything since the second half of the 90´s (and I read that these two songs were quite average) and the newest song they played was "Dirty Women" from Technical Ecstasy (1976). That´s not exactly what I call "moving forward".
they recorded 2 new songs and play niether of them live or on the radio. that should tell you something right there about those songs. what has ozzy really done in the last few years solo wise that is musically up to par with his older stuff ? beating a dead horse maybe.
jackfromczech said:
You're right karrokid, Johnnieczech told me the same. Thanks.
You're both WRONG. "The List" means the "Shit List". Johnnie is the reunion-basher, remember?