I'm SO proud/relieved

mentalmeltdown said:
There's nothing worse than someone who, when asked about his musical preferences, says "Oh, I listen to everything!".. I always love to follow that with: "Really? Even the Technical Death metal? What about the progressive bop?" ... just to see the look on their face. Stupid mtv bred idiots.

The Beatles are the rulers... I have like a 100 non-metal CD's... some of which I can't name here *ahem* ZZ Top *ahem* Fugees *ahem ahem* ... and so on... :lol:

Man, I use the same quote! Well nearly the same. I say, "really? Everything from brass orchestras to extreme death metal?" Later I learn that "everything" means "music played on the radio" for the most people!
Anyway, I really listen to "everything" from pop (The Cranberries, Michelle Branch...) to extreme metal (some scandinavian extreme shit rules!!!) I grew up on The Beatles and started listening to Anthrax in the age of 11.
Saying everything is just quicker than listing everything you listen to. I say I like all sorts, mostly metal. "Everything" from East 17, 2 Unlimited, Madonna and Erasure to Anthrax, The Clash, Slipknot, Slayer, A, Sham 69, Nirvana etc