Blackwater Park rerelease art work???


Mar 22, 2002
I got a question for those that already have the blackwater park rerelease cd. Does it have new art work on the cd or just added tracks. :)
Yes, there´s a black slipcase with the band´s big "O" on it.
The artwork on the booklet cover is the same, but without any letters on it, the inside of the booklet is a bit darker and the photo of the band is grey now.
The CD itself is not just white like the old one, it has a brown printing on it. And there´s the second CD, of course.

That´s all...
Here´s a pic of the slipcase:

I saw the CD just a few days ago in a shop. Can somebody explain to me why they (the label) didn't just release a mini album?!?!? Sure, now we all have to buy the whole CD once again. Bit more money for the label! :( That sucks!!!!!
thanks for all the help all,,,,i appreciate it,,,i have that cd on special order,,,but it hasnt come in yet. i love the new tracks on it. Keep rocking!!!!