Blackwater Park 2LP + DJ:ing


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*happy* I got my 2LP version of Blackwater Park in the mail yesterday and it soooo beautiful. I just love the big cover art you get with vinyl. :)

And a little comment too about yesterday evening. Me and a friend were DJ:s at this local metal club and I just wanted to say that we (of course) played some Opeth tracks. :)
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But they weren't the Opeth Techno Jungle Remixes, now were they? Heh. Who came us with all that way back when... was that Tommy-G?

*LoL* it was the originals.... a lot of people wanted us to play the remixes but we refused. If I remember correctly we played Serenity Painted Death and Demon of the Fall.. and maybe one more.

and yes. I think it was tommy-g.