Blood Brothers


Vocalist - Guitarist
Apr 17, 2001
Mystic, CT
Hey whats a man gotta do to get you guys interested in doing this one?

Nick - want to start with this one? The trick on this tune would be getting someone to do the keys...

Come on guys, help me out! I'm dying to nail this track!!!!

We talked about it before, but I don't remember any tracks getting done....
I'll give it a go for one guits if you get MM to do the drum track.
I know EC was very, very keen to do bass on this one - even promising having called in sick to work to record it ;) ... so if you talk MM into drums, I can do either both or one guitar depending on interest from other guitarists.

Let me know. I'll start learning it. :p

I gave this one a serious listen today...from a 'trying to recreate it' standpoint.

..the drums are probably no challenge for MM...the Vox are just perfect for Jim...EC will probaby have a blast with the challenge of playing bass...guitar playing is pretty easy...

but the arrangement! oh dear! This song has 3 guitars all doing different things, with constantly changing tones....and to top it all off...its very keyboard heavy.

This one is going to be hell on the mixer.

I can pretty safely say that this song will be the toughest project the IMG has ever done...from a production standpoint....and we will need a keyboard player to do it justice.

I'm down with it..I like the challenge. We could probably even use three guitar players if we all coordinate very, very carefully what we may even be better since we will have three distinct guitar tones (something the original has)....and I'm down with mixing this one will have a stupid number of individual tracks before mixdown and will require a bit of horsepower I think.

...but we still need somebody to do keyboards. Anybody got any ideas?
Shit, if I had a cheesy keyboard with the right tones I'd do it myself. Your right though, if we can't line up someone (and be assured of 'good' tracks), this one might not be worth the effort. Lets line up the keys before we do anything.

I know a keyboard player who might do it. Give me a couple of days to line him up...
After listening closely again, I think we might want to map this out B4 we start it. Plot out the different segments and what instruments are going on where. It even gets difficult to tell if some of whats going on is keys or effected guitars.