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Apr 16, 2001
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I have an earlier edition of this at home and meant to tell you about it ages ago. It's a great collection of stories, but I think you'd be most interested in "The Bloody Countess" by Alejandra Pizarnik. Brilliant stuff, and far scarier than anything Venom could do with the same source material.

While I'm at it, has anyone read any of the Elric novels by Michael Moorcock and if so where should I start? Been meaning to check them out for years, mostly because Elric's horse is called Stormbringer and Moorcock used to be the lead singer of Hawkwind :headbang:.

That does look quite good !:headbang:

Countess Bathory would have been awesome in bed, I know it. Until she killed you anyway.
Moorcock was the lead singer with Hawkwind? I thought he just used to climb onstage and read poetry (according to Lemmy in one of the first Hard'n'Heavy videos...).
I just thought of something, if she had sex with you, she couldnt kill you, because she needed the blood of virgins, so you would be right as rain!
Bathory was indeed a lesbian, if you can call bathing in the blood of young female virgins a sexual preference. There were also times she used to plunge burning candles into their...

(This sentence has been edited for reasons of good taste, and also to avoid ruining the story for Spawn.)

Gore, thanks for clearing up my Elric mistake. I went and looked it up after I posted it, then slapped myself in the head :).

Actually Bathory was a misanthropic bitch who killed for fun and used her aristocratic status to get away with it. A book I mentioned here once before, "The Most Evil Men and Women in History" has a good chapter on her. There's also a chapter dedicated to her at I'd find the actual link and post it here, but I'm at work and that site is blocked from here.

Moorcock wrote a song for Blue Oyster Cult called "Black Blade" about Stormbringer. One of my personal favourite songs ever.