New edition of Run to the Hills bio

I did. Dave Murray was born in England in 1956, he had blonde hair. He grew up, went to school and started playing a guitar. He liked Deep Purple a lot. Then he played in a few crap bands and joined Iron Maiden.

Repeat ad nauseum. I find it fishy to say the least that they have rereleased this book yet again... But anyway, its pretty much a fact book about Maiden and not really a riveting read.
I thought it was an Iron Maiden textbook. I was waiting for the quiz at the end!
Why dont you all read an algebra book next, it sounds like you guys would love it! I wont spoil the ending, but it will really do a number on you.

I could never see the point in algebra. Always seemed more like philosophy than maths equations to me.

"Let X be a tree."

Well all right then. If X really wants to be a tree, who am I to question its integrity and its right to be whatever it chooses?

I've got a signed 1st edition :p

And I think re-re-releasing this, for no apparent reason, is yet another soulless cash-in. :puke: