Bought a house, house/studio remodel and build. Updated regularly!

Location, location, location. I guarantee my half of the rent for my 2 bedroom apartment in San Diego is more than your mortgage.
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Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build!
I bought a house for a little more than that, but about 500 sq feet less.

I'm willing to bet I pay way more in taxes as well. Like way fucking more, actually it's one of the reasons people are bailing on this state. I watched an interview on the news with a guy who was headed to Kentucky because his taxes for an entire year were less than what NYers pay in a month.
Insulation is up in the tracking room ceiling and walls and one side of the double wall. Lawd I hate fiberglass. Double wall is rockwool.

Staring at the wiring. Have you had the electrical ground for the house checked? Going to pre-run an conduit incase you want to add more data or analog drops?

Conduit was installed right after that picture but there's not much. I'm building with planning to move in 5 or so years to a bigger place hopefully, so I'm trying to not go too wild.
Work continues: Lost all of the bathroom and another side of drywall so I could fix some issues and drylok it.