Bouncing tracks in Cubase SX3?


Dec 15, 2007
So I have 2 songs I have to do a trial run mix on for a recording studio/label that is looking for a lead producer/mixer and the songs were given to me as Cubase Session files. I mainly only work with Pro Tools and Audition so I want to be able to bounce/mixdown down the tracks seperately so they all start at 0 and I can import them into Pro Tools/Audition to mix. Ive never used Cubase before and the layout seems pretty foreign to me... Anyone know how I would go about Bouncing down the tracks in Cubase?? Thanks in advance...
Once again :) Set the markers from 0 to end of song, solo the track(s) and export from Audio Mixdown as mono wav. file.
I assume you want the clean tracks without any processing applied, right? And all tracks are audio (not vsti's or midi)?

If that's the case the best and fastest way is the following:

1. Give every track a new name (see last step why).

2. Cut a piece of empty audio from an existing track and paste it at the very beginning of every track. This way in pro tools you can snap all imported tracks to 0.

3. Select all audio.

4. With the pointer in the workflow (where all audio is) right click -> audio -> bounce selection.

5. It states "replace audio". Select what you prefer. (in your case it's not necessary). I always choose "yes".

6. Go to Pro Tools and import all files from cubases project audio folder ("projectname/audio) you renamed in step 1.

If you have any vst instrument tracks, you've gotta bounce as stated in the first reply.

Hope it helps

Instead of inserting silence I`d go for converting events to part (Audio->Events to Part) and stretching beginings of parts to begining of project. Just select all events first (Ctrl-A).
Multiple parts can be stretched at once, but check sizing mode - should be normal sizing (popup menu under selection button in toolbar).
Then all audio parts can be bounced as audio events (Audio->Bounce Selection).
you can simply use OMF format... - that for it was maded

export omf from cubase and then import it in protools
Yea Ill think ill just go the OMF route... Didnt realize Cubase had OMF support... Thanks for the all the helpful replies and "once again" I know how to bounce, I was just asking "how to bounce in Cubase" because I never use the program and it has a different menu and keyword setup than pro tools and audition...