Breaking Days – If Only Looks Could Kill


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Breaking Days – If Only Looks Could Kill
Demo – Self released – 2003
By Russell Garwood

Youthful Watford metalcore crew Breaking Days are back with another claustrophobically heavy, relentless offering. Crushing, hardcore-esque guitars courtesy of Ian and Ralph carry vocalist Craig’s shouted vox with thundering force, helping make the violent music memorable. Occasional wistful non-distorted guitars and clean vox add a variety not present in their previous demo, and demonstrate increasingly mature song-writing. Drummer Rich negotiates these changes with grace, and enhances more furious sections using effective blasts, while keeping enough variety to maintain the listeners’ interest. With Jon’s bass, which accentuates the guitar’s precise rhythm work, this makes for a tight, unforgiving rhythm section and a well-rounded sound.

The recording at House Of Rock Studios is clear and helps make a more accessible release, completing what is an impressive, professional demo. The time Breaking Days have invested in this recording shows (the band’s debut "In Times Best Forgotten" was released only six weeks after their formation), as does their increased experience – they are fulfilling the potential so clear in their first demo. A far maturer release, "If Only Looks Could Kill" shows many developments, and if this continues I can imagine there’ll be no stopping Breaking Days. My only complaint is I want more than four tracks ( even though there are some very cool out-takes at the end).