Bruce Slams Fred Durst

Spruce Goose

Then Goose me up woman!
Apr 17, 2001

IRON MAIDEN Singer Blasts FRED DURST: 'He Couldn't Write His Way Out Of A Paper Bag' - Sep. 18, 2003 reports that IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson has offered some advice to LIMP BIZKIT's Fred Durst.

"LIMP BIZKIT are as dead as a doornail now," Dickinson said. "[Fred] couldn't write his way out of a paper bag. That new [LIMP BIZKIT] single ['Eat You Alive'] is just awful. He needs to listen to people telling him he's rubbish."

Everyone slams Fred these days, he is such an easy target, find something new, we all know Limp Bizkit is going to bomb now!