Bryant appreciation thread...

Fangface said:
Bryant is my UM brother, my new Tad Morose crusader in law, my fellow Accept/Metal Church worshipper, and more important, a very cool dude down to earth who knows more than anyone how to behave on Metal forums.

All hail Mr Bryant :Spin:
Well Flo I like TM so much I actually consider them my third favorite band behind only Vanden Plas and Accept. Those guys knocked my fucking head off. Don't tell Urban that though, His head is big enough. As you can tell I like picking at him, but he's pretty fun. He's a brilliant guy as well.

I feel like I am always in good company at the TM board with you there as well, friend.

Rakosh said:
Well, this is as good a place as any to make my first post on the Old School board...

I first ran across Bryant's posts on the ProgPower board where I realized that here was someone with something to say--intelligent, honest posts with a real opinion. Then, I ran into him on the Tad Morose board--still quality stuff. So, here I am on the Old School board, following Bryant like a stalker! :devil:

Actually, I just enjoy seeing what he has to say, and those posts have become a highlight of my journeys through the boards--so rock on! :headbang:

You Old School Regulars seem to have a pretty good community going here (like the ProgPower board--well, there is some overlap after all), so don't be surprised to see me chiming in every now and then...

Cool !! It'a always nice to have your own personal stalker. I am honored.... ha ha ha j/k. In all seriousness..... this place is like a family, but trust me, we can see quality people quickly. carnut and Clammy haven't been here long, but they fit right in and are part of "the Oldschool family." Keep posting here. I feel like you have quality things to say. TM and accept rock my balls off btw !!

Wyvern said:
...Oh no another one of these :D

I wish I know Bryant enough to write a nice eulogy. I can say that by his avatar he's plain ugly which makes me feel good, I still may have a chance with women after all :p
I didn't say this in the other reply, but I actually appreciate you saying this more than I would one of the guys I chat with on AIM/ICQ whatever. Hell if they chat with me, they are "supposed" to like me. You rock Wyvern....... my friend.

Hawk said:
Bryant you are THE MAN!!

I am proud to call you my friend :kickass: and I am hoping we'll meet some day. That would be really great.

Wyverin said: "got himself an electrig guitar and took some time and learn how to play"

Shit I know this song... I just can not think of the artist and the title. It's like on the tip of my tongue!!

Hawk I would be honored to meet you my fine feathered friend. I can introduce you to Johnny (yes that is his name from the punker Johnny Rotten) my cockatiel. Just don't eat him.:loco: In all seriousness, you are one cool and knowledgeable/wise metal-head. kudos to you my friend.