Common live songs/setlist?


May 25, 2005
New Jersey, USA
Hello, I'm a relatively new Opeth fan, and I want to see them in NYC when they come, and frankly, I want to know all (or at least most of) the songs they play. Can anyone tell me songs that they usually play live, or if they are the kind of band that plays one setlist for an entire tour (like Therion and Dead Can Dance are doing with their current tours). I kind of hope they are so that I can just learn the setlist and enjoy Opeth to the maximum :D ! I don't think I can learn nine (i think nine) albums by November :ill: ! Please help!
there's 8 albums

the drapery falls
demon of the fall

other songs they'll prob play:

When (from the MAYH album)
1-2 song from SL album (probably the moor and/or face of melinda)
1 other song from BWP album (probably the title track)
2-3 new songs from GR album (the grand conjuration, baying of the hounds, and probably one of the other heavy songs from GR)
1-2 songs from Damnation album(to ride the disease, and either hope leaves or windowpane)