Comparing Damnation to Porcupine Tree

shivering corpse

Ty Cobbb
Sep 20, 2002
I often read comments about Damnation being compared to Porcupine Tree. I'm very familiar with Porcupine Tree, they're one of my faves, but I just don't hear where the comparison comes from at all.
Yes, I hear some influence in the vocal melodies from time to time, and some of the effects, but I don't think any of the songs sound like PT songs.
I get a King Crimson/Moody Blues/a little bit of Camel vibe from it, not Porcupine Tree
uhhhhh, okay guys. To be honest, i hear very little camel, other than the instrumental track, which bears some camel sounding stuff. King Crimson? yes, a bit of that too, but only in certain parts, and so many bands can sound like King Crimson very easily anyway, that i highly doubt its even worth mentioning at this point. I do hear a bit of floyd on Damnation too. But many of the songs on damnation have the signature steve wilson affects/techniques...not to mention, the compositions are constructed much like porcupine tree's earlier years. I dont know...maybe im crazy, but the first time i listened to just made me smile with the notion of plaguerism.;) decent album though