Cynic to reunite for shows?


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Oct 27, 2003
The Red Tower
from blabbermouth:

Long-defunct Florida-based band CYNIC, whose 1993 album "Focus" is regarded as a landmark release in the field of technical/progressive metal, is rumored to be planning a reunion tour in the spring/summer of 2007, beginning with possible U.S. warm-up performances and culminating in a number of festival appearances across Europe. Although there has been no official announcement regarding the matter, informed sources have told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that CYNIC's planned reunion lineup will include Paul Masvidal (vocals, guitar) and Sean Reinert (drums, keys) alongside Tony Teegarden (vocals, keyboards), Chris Kringel (bass) and Santiago Dobles (guitar). Both Teegarden and Kringel previously toured with CYNIC in support of "Focus", while Santiago — who is said to be "the man behind AGHORA" — has been around the CYNIC camp since 1993-94 and was one of Masvidal's guitar students in Miami back in the day.

CYNIC reunion lineup:

Paul Masvidal - Vocals / Guitar
Sean Reinert - Drums / Keys
Tony Teegarden - Vocals / Keyboards
Chris Kringel - Bass
Santiago Dobles – Guitar
I saw them in London at the Marquee on the tour for Focus back in '93 and they were absolutely amazing. Tightest band ever. They played without Sean Malone, pretty sure it was that Chris Kringel guy and he was awesome. He played fretted bass but it worked really well.

I hope the reunion comes together, and I emplore anyone who has an appreciation for the old technical death metal to go see them if it happens, because those guys are some of the best musicians I ever saw perform...
Focus would have been much better without the robot vocals.
I'm not a huge fan of Cynic, but it'd be cool to go see them.
The Greys said:
Focus would have been much better without the robot vocals.

Yeah agreed. They didn't really stand the test of time. My fave track off the album is the instrumental.
Aaah the robot vocals are good because they're so crap you ignore them and focus (no pun intended) on the mindblowing musicianship. I don't think anyone has come close to bettering Focus with that style of music
Can't say I'm surprised. It would be very good if Cynic could get their shit together and make another album because Focus was pretty fucking good.
The "robot vocals" aren't that bad. They don't use them ALL the time.