D20 - Disturd (Axe Fx, Metal Machine, Disturbed style riffing))


May 19, 2008
Just working on a new mix with Metal Machine and some new guitar tones. This short clip is the first time i have ever quad tracked anything as well. Blended the snare with a bit of a sample on this one. Guitars were the 5150 model in my Axe Fx into a Recabinet Mesa IR. Hope you guys like it.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/Disturd 4.mp3
"Blended the snare with a bit of a sample"? I don´t can hear the original one at all:) Watch your lowend an kick. Mix gets pumping on double parts. Guitar and bass sounds good though.

Many thanks for the input!
I'm working on a better mix and should have it up soon.