Desperately need mix advice!!


Apr 11, 2006
I have just finished tracking this band last weekend and have got to the point of a very rough first mix. I very desperately need opinions on the mix - im heading away for a short tour tomorrow and dont have much time to work on this before I leave, but want to have something that the band can hear.

Im happy with the drums and guitar tones (given what I was working with :puke:, and not having the option of reamping). The things I am curious about are vocals and bass.. I tend to have bass either too far in the back of the mix, or too forward making it boomy.

How do you guys think the bass and vocals work with this mix? And other instruments too for that matter..

Any advice / feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Song can be found here -

Its completely unmastered and has no limiting on the master so its quiet, sorry :p