Need Help, first mix

Could that be a phase issue? Is there a particular spot in the song they sound out of tune? I must have had my headphones on too long...I don't hear that. Thanks for the response. Anything else...anyone?
It needs that much work? Getting views and no comments...
Any suggestions on where to start (what's the worst issue?)? I have tweaked the guitar tone a little and will post an updated version later today.

Any opinions on the Drumwerks samples I used for snare and kick? Would the Slate drums net better results? I used them with Drumagog, obviously I used the live drum timing.
I think Slate samples would sound a lot better. I don't really care for the kick or snare sounds... Sounds like they were programmed. No dynamics. Are you using a GOG with multiple velocities and hits? The guitars sound very thin. Did you double track the guitars? Might want to if you didn't to thicken up the mix. I'm pretty new to studio engineering, just my 2 cents.
I'll have to look at the settings I used, but I think I had it set for multiple hits. I gated and compressed kick and snare before Drumagog to keep mic bleed from triggering hits. Could that be what killed the dynamics. I'm just not familiar with how to use Drumagog...this is my first attempt.

No I didn't double the guitars, although I tried duplicating the tracks, adding delay to the dup, and then panning. I didn't pan hard left and right with the duplicates because I thought it would step on the other guitar's parts.

I appreciate the response. Do you have any suggestions/tips on how to use Drumagog?
Everything was recorded live, with isolation of instruments, then overdubbed guitars and vocals. The room wasn't great and the equipment used was:

Drums = D6, SM57 on snare, SM81's for overhead, and I don't remember the toms...barely touched anyway.

Bass = DI'ed from Peavey Fireball head

Guitar1 = XXX 2 mic'ed cabs with a 57 and 609 and a ValveKing with cheap condenser in the room (all signals on one bus and blended to sound thin apparently)

Guitar2 = XXX 2 cabs mic'ed with a 57 on one 609 and room mic on the other, same bus situation

Vox = MXL67 and MXL69

Everything went through focusrite octopre le's into Project Mix (M=Powered Pro Tools)
I use Ap Trigga instead of Drumagog so I'm afraid I'm not much help with that, but ditto on hard panning the guitars left and right. It will give you a much fuller sound. Maybe pan the delay tracks 75/25 instead of putting them in the center.
So you are saying pan the delay track 75 to the opposite side, and pan the 2 main guitars hard left and right? I tried that initially...don't know why I changed it. I am tracking vocals tonight for another song, I'll try to post a version with these changes tomorrow evening. Thanks for all the tips...keep them coming!
It was recorded at 48k (not my doing) 24 bit. I am using pro tools le. I bounced to disk as aiff stereo interleaved, still at 48k 24 bit. Then I used AIFF to Mp3 Converter. How should I bounce to disk/convert? Does the aiff to mp3 converter cause the problem?