Need mix advice / feedback please! Cannibal Corpse style death metal


Apr 11, 2006
Recently recorded this local band, am after some feedback on the mix.

Issues I feel I have run into is mainly about the muddiness of the mix. The band were pretty anal about their tones, and were also wanting a lot of guitars in the mix. Because of this, the mix sounds quite muddy.

Any advice on how everyone thinks I ought to go about fixing this would be appreciated.

Other than that, general feedback on the mix would be cool!!

The track can be found here:
Yeah this song may not be their most corpse-like of the EP, I do hear a bit of Corpse in them overall though, I guess only as much as 15 year olds can replicate :p

Yeah man - literally all instruments were played very poorly. With the budget I was working with, and studio time they could afford, there wasnt time to go over stuff for hours getting it right (especially considering it would have taken DAYS)