Discouraged One - Katatonia fan site now available in English

really good site!

but where did you find all those old session pics? I knew some of them, but it's the first time I see many others
very very interesting! it's pity there isn't a bigger format.

also noticed you put some of my live pics, now I remember you!
Nice job!!
theres also this one from the tonights decision photo session

Thank you guys for good words :)

@Hobo - I found these wallpapers on your website... I thought you were author of these... heh, thanks for letting me know who made them, I will change it soon.

@coronerox - yeah I visited your site many times before. Good piece of workl, although I can't understand your language :)

@ether - I asked Anders to send me some old pictures and he did it :worship: It was big surprise for me... I just couldn't believe they took only these few pics in old days. So I e-mailed Blakkheim for more... btw, thanks again ether for sharing these live pics ;)
I can send you scans of the Session photos I have instead of those crappy pics of them off my photobucket site........I am also very honored to have a pic of me and the band(minus jonas) on the site.....really cool brother......keep up the good work..........I also need to get some pics made of those negatives from the TD session pics....they were unreleased.......I also need to send some to the band because they dont have any of them either.........really cool site!!!!!

:) :) :)
ow, good job.. really cool.

Anyway, I was looking at the merch-section and I saw those Viva t-shirts that I've never seen before :) Are they official Kata-merchandise?

Thinking of these two


..just curious :wave:
Discouraged_Tom said:
@Ott0 - I dunno if these T-shirts are official stuff. Maybe someone who knows more about such stuff will comment it :) Deliverance6? Kata member? :)

I dont know actually.......Im not much of a shirt guy......but I have never seen the brown shirt before..........I dont know....but I want one.......of everything.... ;)