do i have to open 5-7 drumagogs to use drumagog


Gabriel R.
Nov 25, 2010
Orange County, CA
lol sorry if the question sounds silly.

But i recently learned how to send a midi drum instrument track directly to drumagog without the use of SD2.0 or SSD.

So basically it seems like you can only send 1 track to drumagog

so does that mean im going to have to send

Kick Track midi > Drumagog with KICK gog
Snare Track midi > Drumagog with Snare gog
Hat Track midi > Drumagog with hat gog
etc. > etc.

im sure you get the point.

therefore i would have to open several DRUMAGOGS for each?

Yes, you must have 1 instance of Drumagog for each drum/sample you wish to replace. This is because Drumagog only replaces with one sample at a time.

If you wish to use Superior Drummer, you can use MIDI out or the new Plugin Hosting feature (in the Platinum version) to trigger samples from SD.

Or you could use Steven Slate Drums with Kontakt, it is also kind of a CPU hog, but the drums sound great with a little tweaking.