Does Age Matter?


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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OK - I need to know - am I the oldest metalhead? I hope not.
I am 41-years old. How old are you?

One other question : other than Opeth, name your 5 other favorite bands. I realize that you probably could name 20 or more, but I'm looking for the 5 that stand in your mind.

Mine are:
Grip, Inc.
The Tea Party (not quite metal, but amazing all the same)
Old Mans Child

Even with these 5, doesn't Opeth differ themselves? I can't really compare them to anybody else - can you?
well, i'm only 16, you're making me feel young :)
ok, i could name, 20, i could name 200, but here are the first five that pop into my head:

maybe someone sould add up all the answers and make some kind of statistics like the ultimate opeth poll?
Opinion : Age matters not... at least, to me it doesn't. It's all in how you conduct yourself.
Age : 22
Excluding Opeth, 5 of my other favorite bands :

Meshuggah - Love the poly-rhythms and odd time signatures. These, combined with the best metal guitar sound ever produced (I think so anyway...) make for some of the most brutal riffs I've ever heard. Love 'em!

In Flames
Dark Tranquillity - Swedish, melodic metal at its finest. These bands appeal to me greatly.

Aeternus - One of the darkest sounding bands I've ever listened to. They also write excellent material. Very intense. Love 'em!

Bonus 6th spot :)D) :
Esoteric - psychedelic, slow, painful, doom metal - If any music were to be played in the empty void of death, this would be it.

And, to answer your final question, no.... no other band on the planet compares to Opeth. NONE.
No it doesn't. I think it's kind of lame how most people, and US society, basically, makes such a big deal out of it thinking you can't be friends with people with more than a year or two difference (or so it seems) from you. I place emphasis on the person, not their age. If I get along well with someone, share interests (usually music), and they seem to have a certain understanding of things and are open-minded, then it doesn't matter to I even sort of stated in this post a few weeks ago. Ugh, sorry about the rant, but that's one thing that bugs me about a lot of people.

Anyway, with other bands, I have basically three VERY (meaning obsessed with) favorite bands, then the rest are just ones that I like and listen to. Two of my top three being Opeth and Tool. My musical tastes are basically all over the place, too.
19 Years old.

Anope. I never got along to well with most people my own age... a couple of my closer friends when I was growing up were a couple years younger than I... yet simultaneously I always liked hanging out with the adults rather than other children in family gatherings and the like, and my best friend right now is 9 years older than I am.

Besides Opeth, my other faves would be:

Frank Zappa/The Mothers
Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Unicorn, Bloodbath, Odyssey, etc...)
Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Ocean Machine, Infinity, etc.)
Dream Theater
...and it becomes a big toss-up for spot 5. Roll a dice... uhhh.... we'll say Led Zeppelin.
5 favourites:
Tiamat (se)
(first album I heard was Wildhoney and it totally mesmerized me. It's was different from everything I've ever heard before. It gave me an insight that there is so much fantastic music that you'll never hear if you don't take the effort and look real hard for it. I bought their whole back catalogue and I love the new albums too, even if they're not exactly metal. I still hold Wildhoney as the best album I own. And I'm still looking for great music, reading magazines, buying demos, downloading stuff from the Net etc...)

Haggard (de)
(saw an ad for their debut album in Close-Up Magazine. couldn't find anything by them on the net, so I asked my local record shop to order the album for me without hearing a tone of the music. ...and when I got home and listended to the record. marvelous! so beautiful and perfect. and played with real instruments. the are about 16 people playing the usual set of rock instrument (guitar, drums, bass etc) + a whole bunch of classical instruments like cembalo, cello, violins, harp, flute, etc, etc... the music is a blend of metal, medieval and classical I would say, but it's not just like a simple intro and outro to the normal metal song like many other bands playing "medieval metal", this is something else. the debut is still one of the best albums I have...)

(the two above are (together with Opeth) permanent, but the ones below are more "what do I like right now")

Vintersorg (se)
(great melodies and lyrics, especially the one sung in my mother tounge)

Weltenbrand (li)
(not metal at all. more like neo-classical. conveys the most vivid landscapes and sad stories with their music.

Satyricon (no)
(+ Satyrs other side projects like Storm and Wongraven)
(ultimate black metal)
I'm 21, and nope, age doesn't matter to me.

In the Finnish equivalent of High School I didn't like to hang around with my peers because I found their company to be boring and the things they talked of felt really stupid, so I felt like I didn't belong. I felt more comfortable in adults' company when our family was visiting relatives and such. Today, all of my friends are older than me (except for Hearse, but he doesn't count, since we've been hanging around together as long as we've lived. :) It's a long story... ask if you want to know). I wouldn't mind younger people's company either, it's the mind that counts for me, not physical age.

My Top 5 favourite bands (excluding Opeth) are:

1. Dimmu Borgir
2. Dark Tranquillity
3. In Flames
4. Old Man's Child
5. My Dying Bride
I'm 22 and satisfied with that.

Some of my favorite bands:

- Dark Tranquillity - the only band I can even compare to Opeth

- The Black League - the new band of former Sentenced frontman Taneli Jarva

- In Flames - they used to be great a couple of years ago; now they are getting weaker

- Sentenced - especially when Jarva was still in the band; the new singer isn't bad, but the band has lost some of its former spirit

- Therion - although some of their material is far too simple, they still have created some masterpieces of modern metal

I would have mentioned Theatre of Tragedy, but as their latest album is what it is, I won't mention them (well, already did - but that was just for the old days...)

Originally posted by HoserHellspawn
Alright, I'll ask.
Tell us about your and Hearse's life long relationship.

Heh, ok. :)

My parents are (or at least were, dunno now) good friends with Hearse's parents. In fact, they got to know each other at the age of 16 or so (that's about 25 years ago).

Hearse was born two weeks after me, and since our parents were such close friends, my parents became Hearse's godparents and Hearse's parents mine. So, of course they visited each others families frequently, and while they played Mahjong or Bridge, we spent time together screaming, breaking something, running, building something, listening to music, and so on as time went on.

When my parents divorced some years ago and sold our house, I chose to live with my mother, but since we lived a bit too far away from everything (my friends, workplace once I got one and school before that), after two years I moved to Hearse's parents place since it was close to everything and they've always been close to me. So there I am now, living in the same apartment with Hearse, writing great music. Hohoh. :D
I don't really think that age matters. As of now, I am 18 years old, have finished one year of college, and that doesn't make a difference on how I feel about people. In general, I don't like people. There are a few wonderful people that appreciate the finer things in life and that I find interesting. Other than that rare dying breed of people, I find humanity disgusting. Age and race don't matter, it is what is in the heart and mind that makes the person. As for those who matter to me, only my girlfriend, and, to a much lesser extent, a few close friends (I pick my friends VERY carefully from now on) are all that I care about.

5 bands other than Opeth that I like:
Burzum (Is it that obvious? Varg Vikernes is a musical genius. The black metal of Burzum will tear apart the soul of the listener and reform it as one of darkness. I even liked the two dark ambient albums, they create an incredible atmosphere, however, nothing can ever match Burzum's black metal masterpieces.)
Darkthrone (The definition of "necro.")
Emperor (Brutal, melodic, epic, incredible black metal)
Dark Funeral (Fast and technical black metal)
Katatonia (I don't know how to describe Katatonia accurately. Perhaps dark, melancholy, depressing, and emotional metal?)

Cool! Thanks for humouring me.

Yeah, my parents have a very similar relationship with another couple, and they had kids at the same time my parents did, and, well... yeah. Very similar story, with the exception of the fact that their son and I grew apart as we got older. I often thought that all people have this: the family friends who have kids the same age and you're best friends from birth. When I was growing up, I thought everybody had that. I kinda still do.


A thought on Burzum (please don't take this as an insult, Beast):

I heard a copy of Daudi Baldrs a while ago. The track "I heimer Heljar" actually made me laugh out loud. I could picture Vikernes sitting in his prison cell looking all around crazily, wearing his little Burzum t-shirt with his little pharoah-type beard pony-tail thing (as pictured in "Lords of Chaos") as he punches his cheap synthesizer with his two index fingers with a demonic precision.

Da-da-da-da-da-Dum!-Dum!-Dum! (the "Dum!"s being a really cheesy synthesized drum sound).

ANYWAYS! (I say that a lot...) I've also heard some of Burzum's black metal stuff which is much less... comical, and generally quite cool. I heimer Heljar will always have a place in my heart, though.
ANYWAYS! (I say that a lot...)
Me too. I bother myself with it sometimes. But, I do the same. AAANYways... :p

I'm 27. I'm one of those people that don't care about age so much, that I've got this friend that after about a year of knowing him, I finally found out that he was like 8 years older than me and only because it was his birthday. If I get along with you and you with me...then why be concerned with ages? Does age matter? Blah! :rolleyes: That's just silliness.

Oh, right. My list. Hm. In no order, and with no more than 2 minutes thought...

Katatonia, Amorphis - For their atmospheric feel
Edge of Sanity, Hypocrisy - Just because they're so METAL
Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning - I listened to and loved
long before I heard of death metal, neverMIND finding Opeth

(Oops. I can't count.)

Originally posted by HoserHellspawn
I often thought that all people have this: the family friends who have kids the same age and you're best friends from birth. When I was growing up, I thought everybody had that. I kinda still do.

Uh.. I always hated it when my parents thought that I wanted to play with their friends' children. Those children were all such morons... *sighs as he thinks about it*
last time I checked, I were 21, but that has been known to change every once in a while.
Age doesn't seem to matter that much, I used to play Paradise Lost for my Great Aunt, and she's over 80. She just used to say, 'Oh, they sound so sad, don't they?' she knows what's going on.

top five is a hard one
especially after you disqualify Opeth

Carcass/Arch Enemy
Neil Young
Gorefest(up until Erase, I reckon de koek was op before they came anywhere near writing Chapter 13)
Paradise Lost (Up till Draconian Times)
My Dying Bride

AHHHH fuck, I went over five, didn`t I?

A question for Orchid...How do you play Majiang in Finland? Can you read Chinese, or do they write Finnish on the blocks as well? Do you play Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Chinese rules?